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Steve Moffat’s Decision Whether to Continue as Doctor Who’s Showrunner or Not

Steve Moffat’s return to Doctor Who is a speculation of a yes or a no for his potential return to the series.

Honesty is the best policy in every situation, and we can see Steve Moffat being honest about his return to Doctor Who. While showrunner Russell T Davies is back on the show, Moffat has firmly refused to return to the sets despite the speculation of his potential return.

While speaking to RadioTimes he talks about his ageing face which might not fit well for the character and stated that the show would run fine without him.

His Involvement

He began his role in the franchise between the classic series’ conclusion and later its revival in 2005 while joining the production as a writer. Once showrunner Davies moved out, Moffat was responsible for Doctor Who’s success from 2010 to 2017, guiding Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor tenure along with its 50th anniversary and Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor era. 

While Davies is back as its showrunner for the upcoming Doctor Who season 14, Moffat feels his time on the set is up and has no plans of returning.

Moffat Redefining the Character 

On his arrival as the showrunner, Moffat had already set his goal for the series to have a fairytale touch. From the moment the eleventh doctor, played by Smith, crashed into young Amelia Pond’s garden, to his bravery and effortless chasing off the monsters justified him as a legendary figure, who was a peace giver to anyone, even aspect had a fairytale touch to it.

Even when the Time Lord faced death and loss while being in despair and self-doubt during Capaldi’s tenure, he was invincible which cemented his legendary figure in the eyes of the fans.

Not only this, Moffat developed the character after Doctor Who’s revival, reframing it as the process of healing from his traumas. His every incarnation has rescued Gallifrey from destruction, giving him the chance to find his path. The act perfectly highlights Moffat’s vision of a hero who is a savior through every generation.

His Contribution

His redefinition of the character might have shared its chunk of criticism, but it stands out as one of the finest show’s moments, nonetheless. With the character’s in-depth exploration, to some heart-wrenching horrors and a few self-aware moments, Moffat’s contribution has been relentless and long-lasting.

While fans are disappointed with his decision to leave the show, he has full faith in the success of the series’ future under the guidance of Davies.

Details of the Show

It is a sci-fi series that first premiered in 1963 with its protagonist, a powerful being known as Time Lord, referred to as the Doctor. He travels time and space along with his companions to solve problems and avoid catastrophes. The doctor experiences regeneration, which allows the production to recast the actor and give him some unique traits after every incarnation.

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