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North West in Her New Diamond Grill: Keeping the Game Strong after Her Parents

Billionaire Kim Kardashian and pop star Kanye West’s daughter North West has got a new diamond grill inspired by her father.

The ten-year-old took a selfie, flexing her dental work and it was uploaded on Wednesday on the account which she shares with her mother.

The Diamond Grill

The selfie shows her parting her lips and giving a closeup look at her dental jewelry, consisting of diamonds on her lower teeth and two upper teeth. Some of them are diamond studded while others are outlined. The snap is shared after weeks when she got another grill around Christmas.

The flexing of riches is an obvious call when you have Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as your parents.

Her life, like her new dental jewelry, is dazzling, with Hibachi dinner, trips to Disneyland and Universal Studios along with some basketball practices with her friends and cousins.

Kanye and North

North West has always been more inclined towards her father in fashion and rizz and both don’t hold back from showing off their tastes.

She wore her father’s Balmain jacket, which he had worn for the 2016 Met Gala for the Christmas Eve Party. Kim posted pics highlighting what her family wore and for North’s post she added, “Ifykyk.” 

A source has told TMZ that Ye has got a new titanium $850K permanent grill by Dr. Thomas Connelly who is well known for the transformation of Post Malone, Lil Yachty and Odell Beckham.

The fans were astonished by Ye’s new titanium mouthpiece which he said was inspired by James Bond villain Jaws. 

The collection of grills is like a custom in the family, as Kim has also often shown off her grills on social media in the past years, especially during her 2021 KKW Beauty campaign, for which she wore a custom diamond grill studded with opals which is her birthstone. The grill was created by Gabby Elan Jewelry.

The mother and daughter duo shared a montage of photos on their joint TikTok account on Thursday, one of which included North West’s new dental grill with Kim’s caption reading, “The things my daughter makes on my phone haha.”

The Duo on TikTok

North West is the oldest child of Kim and her ex-husband, preceding siblings Saint, Psalm and Chicago.

The duo shares videos on the TikTok account where they both are seen having fun and dressing up as different celebrities throughout the year. The joint account has more than 16 million followers, where North posts her hair and makeup videos to travel vlogs and more. 

North dressed up as her father, Ice Spice at different times and both impersonated Cher and Dionne for Halloween last year.

The most recent was when the two celebrated pop-star Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 release in December. The video shared on TikTok shows North dancing to “Everybody,” one of the tracks from the singer’s album. 

She is seen wearing a Barbie T-shirt with a pink baseball cap sunglasses and a Barbie jeweled necklace.

Such a luxurious life is expected when you are the daughter of two of the most successful and well-established personalities in their careers.


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