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True Detective Season 4: A Much-Hyped Season After the First

True Detective: Night Country has come up with its fourth season hyping the audience with a rating of 8.6/10.

The series produced by HBO, has greatly used supernatural elements in its past seasons and has repeated the ritual in this one too.

It is an anthology series where every season is not directly connected to the last one as the characters as well as the plot keeps on changing but all the seasons are connected with one theme like morality, the different aspects of human existence.

About the Seasons

The first season came in 2014 with 8 episodes, directed and written by Nic Pizzolatto. It was critically acclaimed by various critics and was named one of the best television dramas of the year.

The theme revolves around philosophy and finding meaning and takes place in Louisiana where two detectives hunt a serial killer who was ritualistic. Their investigation reveals various topics like corruption and occult rituals.

Season two came out in 2015 and was not as famous as the first one as many critics found it more interesting than the first one, however, the storyline stood out for its police drama and the conspiracies.

Season three came out in 2019 and received a better response than the second season because of its theme and plot revolving around real-world events related to mental illness, guilt and domestic abuse.

Season 4 premiered its first episode on Sunday and is considered the most acclaimed since season 1. The plot is set in Alaska where two detectives Liz Danvers played by Jodie Foster and Evangeline Navarro played by Kalis Reis investigate the disappearance of a research station worker. 

Many viewers were disappointed with the second and third seasons and had stopped watching the show, it was the fourth season that gained momentum.

A Different Perspective

Part of the 4th season’s success is due to the change in the direction and scriptwriting of the season. The three seasons were directed as well as written by Nic Pizzolatto, but season 4 was directed and written by Issa Lopez. The viewers found the plot intriguing with more suspense and a change in scenery. 

The two detectives have well-formed characters, with Elizabeth Danvers being an unsentimental and rude detective who does not care about others’ opinions and Evangeline Navarro, trying to delve deep with the investigations, their troubled relationship is shown remarkably well as they investigate the case together.

The story plays with the minds of the viewers as the incidents consist of a deeper knowledge about humans and their beliefs in the spirit world along with the thin line between the living and the dead. 

While being fictional, it also talks about racial and sexual politics as domestic violence grips the town and the women in the story face disrespect. The viewers are captivated by the how’s and whys of the story as everything about the disappearance is a mystery. 

One of the most notable experiences of the season is that the lead roles are given to women rather than men, which gives the viewers a fresh viewpoint. All the other characters are also written well which adds the essence of the past seasons as well. 

Lopez has successfully created a thought-provoking aura with melancholy and uncertain dark possibilities that leave the viewers questioning and contemplating the situations unfolding in the show.

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