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A New Dawn For the DC’s Justice League: Journey Towards Supporting Not Leading

A new era is waiting for the DC Universe’s most iconic heroes, the Justice League, now portrayed as even more iconic and heroic than before.

The Justice League will now uncover a previously unexplored area that will be the dawn of a new era of DC. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, along with other team members, will experience the newly established purpose which will make them more iconic than before.

Despite their previous title as the DC Universe’s premier superhero team, their current role will redefine their bravery and heroism in a new light.

Their New Roles

The superhero team has witnessed their roles as not superheroes but supportive heroes in the event in Beast World. The World is witnessing the Justice League renouncing their leadership roles as the Titans are now the leaders for handling major crises in the DC Universe.

While the Titans fill up the leadership position, the Justice League members play a supportive role and provide assistance to the Titans if needed.

This shift of roles from leading to supporting has been made evident in Tom Taylor’s Beast World but became more evident in Titans: Beast World #6, created by Taylor, Lucas Meyer and Brad Anderson, where Batman voluntarily decides to provide assistance while remaining on the sidelines.

The Acceptance of Their New Roles

When Batman returns to his human form after the Garro spore infection, he sticks to assisting in the ongoing crisis despite the transformation. After Nightwing briefs him about the current needs of the situation, Bruce willingly decides to fight on the ground and provide support duties.

 He said that he would work with Oracle to “coordinate aid agencies and street-level heroes.” This decision marked the new role of the Justice League. Batman was the one who took charge of situations previously and distributed the duties. The change from being the leader to providing support marks the contrast in his personality which shows his change in approach amidst a problematic situation.

It is not only Batman that has decided to give up his previous role, other members of the League like Superman and Wonder Woman have also changed their perspective towards handling situations. The two have also decided to follow the Titan’s instructions which highlights the change in their roles and characters.

The character development of Batman is a new beginning for him and is also well appreciated by the readers. Not only will it enhance his character more but will also be a step towards improving his relationship with Dick with more understanding of one another.

By trusting Nightwing, Batman has cleared the fact that he no longer sees him as incapable of becoming a leader which will become a positive development in their relationship.

A New Perspective

This extraordinary shift in the behaviour of the Justice League has given the readers a new perspective towards these superheroes. Those who once were known for showcasing their leadership quality and powers, will now be seen as supporting the Titans and letting others become leaders.

The League’s new role has defined that heroism is not only shown by becoming leaders but also by embracing change and acting selflessly by letting others take over as leaders and serve as heroes from the sidelines.

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