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Spider-Man: The Best of the Best Marvel Superheroes

Marvel Heroes defining Spider-Man as “The best of us,” is not just a phrase, it’s a tribute given to the iconic superhero for his relentless acts of selflessness.

The Recurring Phrase

A recurring phrase that has cemented Spider-Man’s reputation as the most important hero comes from not just one but multiple Marvel heroes.

All of the Marvel heroes admit the fact that Spider-Man is the best of them all. With the recent developments of his teammates hating him and not even on good terms with his fellow Spider-Man, people must have forgotten what all the original Spider-Man has done for them. 

The comic, Avengers: Twilight #1, by Chip Zdarsky, Daniel Acuna and Cory Petit are here to remind everyone about the impact of Spider-Man on Marvel and what his companion Marvel heroes think of him. The comic has now been put on sale by Marvel.

As the captain of the whole Marvel team, it is Captain America who speaks on behalf of all the Marvel heroes uttering, “You’re the best of us.”

Used By Marvel Heroes

The phrase is not used for the first time, since Marvel Comics’ release in recent years, it has been used quite often. Once something is uttered a few times, it naturally has an impact on the audience, the same has happened with the phrase. Its frequent mentioning has impacted the readers.

“The best of us,” a phrase that has been used by Marvel heroes like Daredevil, who used the phrase years ago and again while fighting the Wall-Crawler last year.

Deadpool and H.E.R.B.I.E. are further included in this enchantment of phrase along with other compliments to our Spider-Man.

The most recent is from Captain America, which has solidified the phrase forever while reminiscing the worst day in superhero history.

The now grown old Steve Rogers, while suffering a heart attack remembers the Hero Day, a worldwide massacre organized by an MCU villain that created havoc, killing many heroes including Spider-Man. 

He recalled stumbling upon Spider-Man’s body after the war was over, where he struggled to utter his name while passing his dying wish. Steve then proclaimed Spider-Man as, “You’re the best of us.”

What Makes Him the Best?

While there is not a definite answer to it, the superheroes call him the best without any explanation given to the statement which in itself is an explanation. Spider-Man is one of the earliest and most iconic superheroes which makes him extraordinary not only to the readers, but the entire Marvel Fandom too. He is the epitome of selflessness and purity and how to always put others before oneself while also being full of love and ecstasy. These are reasons in itself for calling him the “best of us.”

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