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Curiosity of Fans over Paige’s Absence from TBBT Might be Explained in Young Sheldon’s Final Season 

Fans are curious to know why Sheldon never mentioned Paige in The Big Bang Theory which was an important part of his young life.


In Young Sheldon, Paige played an integral part in Sheldon’s life as his friend. The possible reason for her absence even in a mention by Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory might be because of his nerdy but lack of emotional intelligence.

Her prominence in Young Sheldon was so great that the series has been criticized for a lack of continuity of Sheldon’s past that doesn’t go with the BBT timeline.

The fans were disappointed as well as curious about Paige’s complete disappearance from Sheldon’s life until her return on Young Sheldon season 7.


Possible Explanations

She appeared in the show in season 2 as a child genius like young Sheldon, who was also his one-time crush. Their relationship is shown as complicated due to their intelligence as Sheldon gets jealous of her effortless smartness as well as her social skills, which despite being a genius himself, he does not have.

It is a possible explanation why he never mentioned her in Big Bang Theory as he wanted to keep it a secret from his friends and didn’t want to reveal her having great intelligence like him. 

Sheldon has not given any reason for her absence in the show, and it is considered to be a fallout in their friendship which might be the reason he never mentioned her.

Another reason might be the effects of their friendship on him. Being a socially awkward boy, Sheldon might see all the problems surrounding Paige as his failure to do anything for her which affected him greatly and the reason he refused to succumb to romance.

Also, his journey from childhood to adulthood might be the reason he never mentioned her and sees her just as a childhood crush. He might feel mentioning her might ruin his relationship with Amy.

Paige’s story is not as bright as Sheldon’s as she blamed herself for their parents’ split, which affected her life greatly and has been highlighted well in the series.

Her dark and tragic story was something that triggered Sheldon and his family and might also be the reason why they all blocked the memory of her from their minds.


Season 7: The Last Explanation of Her Absence

Season seven will be the end of Young Sheldon in which Paige will have her last entry after she was last seen being arrested a long time back.

It will also be the last season to explain her absence from TBBT which fans are eagerly waiting for, even though Sheldon talked so much about his childhood in Texas but never mentioned the genius he met there.

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