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Joey Graziadei’s First Day at the Show: An Emotional and Unnatural Moment for Him

Joey Graziadei, the new The Bachelor lead was not someone to date 32 women at the same time and could never get used to it which might make him the best bachelor in recent seasons.


The First Night

The 28-year-old tennis player gave out roses on Jan 22 at the Bachelor mansion, but four contestants caught the Us Weekly’s eye. Daisy, Kelsey, Autumn and Lexi were the four contestants who stood out of the 32.

Joey was impressed by the picks as he told Us with a happy face, “I think that you picked four great girls.” The four picks were revealed on the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

Joey is part of The Bachelor which premiered on Monday on ABC and was invited to the podcast by Us Weekly.

The first night at the mansion was an unnatural site for Joey as he saw 32 women together and he tried to do his best, as he told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview.


Drama on the First Night

The night was filled with introductions and the entry of Season 28, Jess who is famous for being a villain by ticking off other contestants.

She was the one who got the first kiss from Joey as she bragged about it to the other contestants. It became the very first drama that Joey witnessed, but he said that he did not focus on the drama much, his full attention was on meeting the girls and building a connection.

While talking to the girls and trying to figure out who he might connect with, he realized that he would be dating two sisters in the season. Lauren and Allison might be of the same blood, but things are bound to get messy.

Allison got the kiss and the rose before Lauren which in some way affected her.

Lea came into the scene during The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose, when she was given a mysterious card, which gave her the power over the other women.

She caught Joey’s attention for her anxiety about the power she was given which he found intriguing. She threw the card into the fire which gifted her with the first impression rose from Joey.

He spoke to the Deadline about his decision to send five women home to narrow down the options on the first night.

Emotional Experience for Joey

The season officially started on Monday, and the trailer was enough to make everyone believe that it would be full of drama. Joey got emotional on the first night of the proposals which might lead to a journey full of emotions ahead for him.

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