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Nam-ra’s Character Arc: An Important Development in All of Us Are Dead Season 2 

All Of Us Are Dead is coming with its second season 2 after leaving the fans in suspense over the ending of season one.


The first season ended leaving fans heavy-hearted, but it showcased some essential character developments, especially of Choi Nam-ra. 


She was the class representative in season one, an intelligent but introverted girl, who isn’t highlighted much for her class president role in the first season. Season two will reveal the biggest character development in her as she defines the role of it in the coming season.

The show has four main protagonists, Cheong-san, On-jo, Su-hyeok and Nam-ra. At the end of season one, as Nam-ra was successfully able to control herself from turning into a zombie, she became the protector of her group as shown at the end of the season one last episode.


The Focus

Season 2 will probably focus on the halfbies, who are people who did not fully transform into zombies and gained strength while also retaining their consciousness. Nam-ra being one of them and a protagonist will lead up to her journey as a new transformed body.


Season 1 Ending 

The first season ended with On-jo, Su-hyeok and the rest of their friends risking their lives by escaping the quarantine zone as they believe it’s Nam-ra who lights up fire on the roof of their school.

All of them unite with Nam-ra who has gained control over her new body after disappearing from their lives. Although she attacked them, she gained control over her body eventually.

The ending does not define her full purpose, but it certainly might be protecting her friends and guiding other halfbies to control their newly transformed bodies. They will be seen hunted by the military to contain the outbreak for which Nam-ra will play a major role in becoming their leader and standing for her position as the “class prez.”


Her Transformation 

Nam-ra had one of the best character developments which is evident in season one too. Even though she was the class president, no one took much notice of her and neither did she because of her nature.

She had no friends but became close to some during the outbreak. She took her stand when something was wrong and learned to build connections. There is also a bit of romance between her and Su-hyeok which will play an important part in season two but her character development is not just for a romantic arc but much more than that.

The determination of the writers to highlight the halfbies will be shown through Nam-ra as she will become their potential leader which will help in introducing new characters in the show. Her role as a leader and protector will be more evident when she fights the antagonist of the show, which will also be an intriguing sight for the viewers.

Regardless of whatever season two might reveal, her character is going to be one of the main highlights of the whole series.


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