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Some Extraordinary Matches in Pokémon that have Defied Logic over the Years

Pokémon, where some battles turn out to be very unique and mind-baffling. Ash, the protagonist of the anime, sometimes has something strange up his sleeves.


When it comes to Ash’s battles with other Pokémon owners, he never fails to amaze the fans for his mastering of strange strategies which has led to some of the most unique and mind-blowing matches over the years.


Ash is well known for his thinking out-of-the-box tactics that have led him to victories in weird ways which have defied logic sometimes.


Some of the Most Bizarre Fights of Ash

In the episode “What’s With Wattson?” Ash challenges the Hoenn gym leader Wattson. Partly because he owns Pikachu which is an electric Pokémon and Wattson’s specialty is Electric Pokémon. During the fight between them, Pikachu defeats Wattson’s Pokémon in a single blow which surprised both Ash and Wattson.

Later Ash discovers that the incident has enhanced Pikachu’s electric power making it more powerful.

 In the episode “The Fourth Round Rumble,” Ash gets overconfident when his opponent uses Bellsprout but the plant Pokémon defeats both Bulbasaur and Pikachu in a single blow. 

Ash, then decided to use Muk who crawled over Bellsprout and drowned it in his poison goo, overturning the match.

In the Episode “Riddle Me This!” Ash is up against the Cinnabar gym leader Blaine, who uses a nine tail which defeats Ash’s Squirtle along with Charizard. 

Ash then uses Pikachu against Blaine’s Rhydon. The episode has one of the most famous lines from Ash which is “Pikachu! The horn!”, which knocked off Rhydon but later turned out to be its ability to hit with the Lightning Rod.

In the episode, “Destination: Coronation!”, Ash fights his first World Coronation Series against Visquez, who also battles with a Raichu. The battle recreated the original match between Raichu and Pikachu with the same strategy. Pikachu grounded itself with its now-developed Iron Tail that saved it from Raichu’s Volt Tackle.

The battle became a weird one, as Pikachu can now save itself from Electrode’s ability of Electroweb which cannot usually be defended. The battle left fans shocked.

In the episode, “Solid as a Solrock,” Ash is battling against Tate and Liza, a brother-sister duo. The battle gets interrupted by Team Rocket and the match continues outside the gym. 

At the start, Ash is losing the battle with his Pokémon Swellow, to the duo’s Solrock and Lunatone. Later, Ash thinks of a brilliant idea that is considered his most extraordinary strategy to date. He uses Pikachu to use thunder on clouds which confused both the opponents and his friends alike. 

While Pikachu rides Swellow, the clouds get charged and the lighting strikes both leaving both Pikachu and Swellow charged up with golden Electric energy, superching their attacks against the opponent.

Ash gained victory in the battle, however, it left Swallow fainting after the match, also making it Ash’s most infamous gym battle among all his battles. 

Whatever the absurdity his techniques might include, Ash never ceases to excite his fans when he is in a battle. His unique and absurd plans always gain him victory in matches leaving fans dumbfounded.


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