The Purge 6 Will Define the Future of its Franchise After The Forever Purge’s Decline at the Box Office and Later Rise on Netflix

Netflix likes to give second chances to movies that deserve it. It gives movies a second life which has happened with one 2021 horror release that did utterly badly at the box office.


The Forever Purge, which was released in 2021, during COVID-19, could only earn $77 million at the box office.

Since coming on Netflix, the movie and its franchise has done quite well on the OTT platform which is a good sign for its upcoming sequel.


The Decline

It was the fifth Purge movie that grossed the lowest at the box office of the entire series, whereas the previous sequels had earned more than $100 million each. The reason was its release in 2021, with COVID-19 impacting movie theatres across the world. 

The First Purge had reached a high of $137 million, which is being expected from The Purge 6, a sequel that might help restore the franchise’s former glory.

The movie isn’t the only one that has done badly at the box office but did massively well on the platform. Along with that, Netflix has helped rejuvenate interest in many forgotten TV shows.


The Rise

The Forever Purge, getting attention on Netflix suggests that the fans have not lost interest in the whole franchise, but the timing of the movie made it a flop. Such a strongly positive response is a good sign for the Purge Franchise’s upcoming sequel.

The movie has also been a part of Netflix’s Top 10 most-viewed English-language movies which proves it has not become a lost one. The interest in The Purge is strong and well.

Another reason for its success can also be that fans now find the movie more interesting than they did back then. It wasn’t the only horror film that was released in 2021 but still was far behind other horror hits like A Quiet Place Part ll and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It as it failed to enter the top 50 highest-grossing movies of 2021.

The flop of the movie, however, did not waver the determination of its production house Blumhouse to move forward with the franchise. Jason Blum confirmed the making of its sixth movie back in 2023, which is said to be released by late 2024 or early 2025.


Upcoming Sequel: Defining Franchise’s Future

The downfall and then The Forever Purge’s uprise due to Netflix is the assurance to its makers that The Purge 6 will be able to bring people back to the theatres.

However, the theme or the context of the sequel has not been indicated yet, but whatever it might be, the sequel’s performance at the theatres will indicate how much the fan base has retained the whole franchise, after the decline in viewership of The Forever Purge. The future of the franchise depends entirely on the performance of The Purge 6.


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