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Alum Gwendoline’s Unrecognizable Look at the Paris Fashion Week Runway

On January 25, the Game of Thrones actress changed into a porcelain doll to mark the end of Maison Margiela’s Artisanal 2024 Collection by John Galliano.


The Walk

With her arms outstretched and the rest of her body posed like a doll, Gwendoline commendably walked down a dimly lit runway. Christie wore a clear rubber dress over a blue corset with stripes, white opera gloves, tights, and shoes. In the meantime, she applied doll-quality makeup and put on a curly blonde wig. The toy-like looks Christie and the other models wore were created by renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath, who called them “SURREAL SKIN MEETS MOONLIGHT MUSES.”

Along with dressing the part, she wore a translucent ballgown with a baby blue corset that showed off her chest and hit below her hips. The gown also featured a large ruffled skirt and a glossy white leather collar. Matching stockings, chunky heels, and white opera-length gloves completed the ensemble.


A Dazzling Moment


“A surreal pout is achieved by topping subversive shades of blooded red and black on the lips with clear gloss,” stated a press release issued by Pat’s own beauty brand. “Finally, skin is coated in a hyper-shiny glaze, mimicking the smooth, reflective quality of glass and completing the models’ unbelievable metamorphosis.”

Christie dazzled on the runway in a stunning display of fashion-forward elegance, departing from her iconic role. She wore a look very different from the armored warrior she played in the critically acclaimed television series, leaving fans and fashion enthusiasts alike in awe of her makeover.


A Balance of Acting and Modelling

The runway photos went viral on social media very fast, igniting a flurry of conversations about the relationship between acting and modelling.

Gwendoline Christie’s deft transition between these two realms intrigues interesting questions concerning the fluidity of celebrity identities and the growing range of options available to performers outside of their on-screen personas.

She received acclaim from both critics and admirers for embracing the transforming power of fashion and foregoing expectations.

Gwendoline Christie’s runway debut is an important reminder that, in a world where celebrity images are frequently linked to their iconic roles, the journey from Game of Thrones to the catwalk is about more than just shedding armor—it’s about embracing the endless possibilities that come with artistic reinvention.

A Transformation

The actress’s entry into the world of high fashion is a celebration of the power of transformation and the limitless nature of talent, rather than merely a change.

Gwendoline Christie’s ability to reinvent her image and show that she is more than just an actress has captivated fans and fashion enthusiasts.

The actress is constantly experimenting with different aspects of her career, so it’s exciting to see what unexpected and fascinating changes she might try in the future.

Christie’s versatility was put on display during Paris Fashion Week, making a lasting impression on those who have only known her from her iconic Game of Thrones character.

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