The New Surfaced Deposition Video: Trump’s Attempt to Save the World from “nuclear holocaust” and More 

A new video of Trump has surfaced from an April 2023 deposition of a fraud suit case against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The Deposition

The video was released to CBS News on Friday as a response to a Freedom of Information request.

The 479 written pages of the deposition were released last year but the video was made public on Friday by James’ office, accusing him of falsely inflating his assets to get back loans at good prizes.

The video shows Trump bragging about how he saved the U.S. from a “nuclear holocaust” when he was the President.

During his Nov 6 trial of the civil fraud case, he said he was busy as the president by keeping the country safe from China, and Russia and did not have time to worry about his businesses.

The trial resonated with his April testimony for the same case in a conference room beside Letitia James where he said that the U.S. would have a nuclear holocaust if he didn’t deal with North Korea. Furthermore, he added that the nation was saved from a nuclear war because he was elected as the president.

The Fraud Case 

Trump along with his two sons and his organization were sued for falsifying business records, conspiracy and insurance fraud. 

James’ office along with New York Judge Arthur Engoron agreed that Trump’s company had inflated the values of his properties to convince banks to give them good deals. Which Trump denied and said he had in fact underrepresented it.

James’ office is seeking $370 million for damages and the illegal money he has gained from the defendants in addition to a lifetime ban on Trump from working in the real estate business.

In deposition as well as courtroom testimonies, Trump has stated the case to be a “shame” on James’ part as he was being punished for his success. He said that the case should be dropped.

The trial is a bench trial in which Judge Engoron is the sole decision maker which would ultimately decide the future of Trump.

He has also targeted Forbes magazine both in the deposition as well as the trial that had revealed in its 2017 publication regarding Trump’s misrepresentation of his apartment in Trump Tower.

Trump had made many promises when he was the President that he would not spare North Korea over its threat to the U.S., but the promise was not kept as he became the first president to travel to the country and met Kim Jong Un regarding nuclear talks that did not succeed.

The incident underlying his falsehood. The closing statements for the case were held on Jan 11, wrapping up the trial, for which a verdict by Judge Arthur Engoron is expected to be issued by the end of the month.

If the fraud case finds Trump guilty, it would significantly affect his real estate empire which became the turning point in his career, which is his pride.

The trial is not the only legal battle he has been fighting, he is currently facing four criminal indictments ahead of his presidential campaign for 2024.


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