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The “Shot Heard Around New York State” Protest is to be staged again on Saturday

A statewide protest has been planned for the upcoming Saturday to remember the anniversary of the NY SAFE ACT.

The statewide protest is planned by the legal gun owners for the upcoming week including areas from Buffalo to Albany marking the 11th Anniversary of the act.

For a renewed protest against the Act’s passing the “Shot Heard Around New York State,” has been planned across the NY State where the gun owners will shoot in a legal and safe location.

What is the Law?

The New York SAFE ACT was implemented in January 2013 by the New York State Senate with an approval of 43-18 votes.

New York became the first state to pass restrictions regarding gun laws which stemmed from the Sandy Hook massacre. The bill was passed under the “message of necessity” procedure where a bill can be turned into law without the three-day waiting period. It was signed by the former Governor Andrew Cuomo, making it the strongest gun law in the U.S.

The law stops criminals with a history as well as mental illness from owning a gun. The gun is only provided based on universal background check purchases and increases penalties for those who illegally use them. Along with that tough ban on assault weapons is imposed in the country.

The Sandy Hook massacre was a mass shooting that took place in December 2012 in Connecticut where 26 people were killed after Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old shot them.

The protest is held by David Dipietro, the Assemblyman of New York as he posted the message on Facebook on Wednesday against the unconstitutional gun laws in the state.

The “Shot Heard Around New York State ” is taken from the poem “Concord Hymn ” by Ralph Waldo Emerson on the Battles of Lexington and Concord in which the first shot fired marked the beginning of the American Revolutionary War which ultimately led to the creation of the USA. In this poem, he used the line, “The shot heard round the world,” which gave birth to the name of the protest.

The first protest, 2014

The first protest was held on Jan 15, 2014, marking the first anniversary of the implementation of the SAFE ACT. The gun rights activists opposed the law immensely as it was against the Second Amendment rights as well as it wasn’t a clear end to the illegal obtaining of guns by criminals.

The protestors gathered at gun clubs and shot in the air together as a protest against the Act. The shot represented all the gun owners as well as activists of the state. The protest went viral on Facebook. Citizens with the permit to own guns and pistols are required to register the permit on a regular basis which is an important requirement for keeping the guns.

The protest is held as the ACT goes against the Second Amendment right which allows citizens to bear arms. It will be held in unison across the state as it did back in 2014.

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