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NYC Assemblywoman Demands the Closing of the Borders as a Solution to the Migration Crisis

The incident that took place in Brooklyn High School, demanded the closing of the southern border.

After the mayor of New York City Eric Adams emergency response to a storm led to the 2000 migrants’ relocation for a night at Brooklyn High School, the situation regarding the migration has worsened.

The Demand

A New York State Democratic lawmaker has now demanded the federal government close the southern borders after the migrants were relocated to the High school of her daughter. She was concerned about the forceful remote learning implied on the entire school along with her daughter.

The assemblywoman Jaime Williams, the representative of the southeast Brooklyn areas like Marine Park and Canarsie, was concerned about the situation and the growing urgency to tackle the rising migration crisis in the city. The only solution she could think of was closing the southern borders to end the migration influx in the city.

She found it unfair that the migrants were living off the money of the taxpayers and nothing was being done about it.

Why the Outburst?

The situation escalated when around 2000 migrants under the order of Mayor Eric Adams arrived at James Madison High School during a storm on Jan 9.

They were evacuated from Floyd Bennett Field when a severe storm was predicted for the night. The decision, however, forced the students to remote learning on Jan 10 which led to the outburst of both the parents as well as lawmakers, accusing the city of prioritizing the migrants over the children of their city.

They rallied outside the school on Wednesday against the administration. William called the incident “disruptive” as concerns about the future of her daughter along with other students linger over the whole city.

It wasn’t the first time she had complained about the growing inrush of migrants in the city. On Monday Williams captured and shared a video of migrants’ cars being seized outside a Brooklyn shelter raising concerns over the facilities they had and how they got those cars.

The circulated video showed a pair of SUVs and a pick-up truck being seized by the authorities, while the migrants request to give their vehicles back. The vehicles seized were without license plates which further raised the question about the availability of illegal vehicles without license plates with the migrants.

Williams is not alone in raising the concern. Brad Lander, NYC Comptroller, also highlighted the fact that money was being wasted in the Floyd Bennett Field which clearly showed the mismanagement and just a stunt by the City Hall to tackle the situation.

Eric Adams’s Response to the Situation

Although the mayor has been criticized for his decision, he argued with the federal government to help the city in dealing with the migrant influx in the city. He called the city at its breaking point as it is too full of the migrants.

He announced that the city has “run out of room” for migrants with no solution to the worrying situation while the residents deal with the chaos of the migration overflow.

Williams also felt it was an abuse of the taxpayers’ money and the situation needed more transparency from the federal government at this point who, she believes has ignored the crisis.

The increasing lawlessness along with less support from other Democrats has worried Williams more as she believes it is only the Councilwoman Joann Ariola and herself who are fighting against the crisis. To deal with the situation, she believes people have to fight sooner or later.

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