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Failure to Stop the Conflict Now Turned into War: Failure for Biden Administration

The U.S. has been waging a war in the Middle East with airstrikes in three countries.

The military expense in providing support to its ally has reached up to billions of dollars. The U.S. is currently involved in military operations in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Joe Biden has shared a deep connection with Israel from the start of his political career and has been determined to support Israel’s offence from the start of the war in October.

Call for Ceasefire

Many of the U.S. Democrats want Israel to call for a ceasefire but Biden supports Israel’s offence even though it has been constantly at war on its northern borders.

The previous military expeditions in the Middle East have been announced and propagated but nothing has been announced for the Israel-Hammas war as America now faces a war against Iran-backed military groups that has spread from Syria to Yemen.

Thanassis Cambanis, director of Century International, who had predicted America’s situation in the early days of the war said that the nation was now in a deep regional war.  

Biden’s early promises after Hamas attacked Israel were unconditional support to Israel and preventing the conflict from escalating into a regional war, and both were not met Biden’s support for the war in Gaza as well as not pressure Israel to end it were the reasons the regional conflict has turned into war.

Biden’s administration at the start of the conflict had sent military aid adding upto millions of dollars to support Israel even detouring from Congress for a faster result.

To control the situation in Gaza, the US sent two aircraft carrier strike groups to the east Mediterranean over the concern of Lebanese group Hezbollah, which had earlier fought with Israel in 2006. It was a warning by the Biden administration not to initiate any further attack on Israel. Unfortunately, no one paid heed.

The Israel and Hamas war is indeed the central part of the conflict but it is just a part of a greater war between Israel and Iran, which has spent years gathering support and a network of allies to destroy Israel. 

The groups include the Syrian government, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and many other groups in Iraq and Syria.

USA in Direct Confrontation

Israel has been seeing a rise in deaths all along but even the US is not being spared. The total attacks have reached upto 150 against the troops in Iraq and Syria since October, with Hezbollah at the top of their concerns.

Israel and Hezbollah have been in a less lethal conflict on the borders for now, as the situation for war has not risen yet, but things might take a bitter turn if the Lebanese government and other powers don’t act fast to prevent further firing.

With the entry of Yemen’s Houthi rebels, an Iran-backed group on October 19, things escalated fast for America. They fired missiles towards Israel, which was defended by both Israel and U.S. Amidst the air strikes, the Houthi leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi warned that he would target Israeli ships in the Red Sea and after a month they started bombing the ships.

Global shipping was severely effective as companies did not want to take the risk. The trade dropped by nearly 1.3 percent in December.

In January, as a joint defence, the US and UK launched air missile strikes against the Houthis, nearly hitting 60 targets. The air strikes served as a warning to the Houthis.

This was the start of US’ direct involvement in the war in the Middle East. The Biden administration declared Houthis a terror group. 

No End to Houthis Airstrike

Despite the warning, the air strikes by the Houthis have not come to a halt as nearly 30 attacks have been made in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

The situation has turned against the US as it cannot leave the Houthis striking the ships and they cannot be bombed as it would lead to a direct war against the U.S.

The early goal which was to stop the conflict has not turned into a war which is like a policy failure for the US and not advantageous for the election purpose.


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