New Mexico Lawmakers Determined to Impeach the Governor over Gun Restrictions

Two Republican legislators have aimed to impeach Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham over her decision to restrict firearms in some public places.

The Resolution for Impeachment

The two lawmakers had filed a resolution to proceed with the impeachment of the Democratic Governor on Wednesday.

The Governor had restricted the right to carry firearms in public places like parks and playgrounds in greater Albuquerque.

The resolution has been initiated by Stefani Lord of Sandia Park and John Block of Alamogordo as they feel the Governor has violated her oath to uphold the federal government along with the state constitutions.

The attempt to impeach her comes from her decisions not as a Democrat but as a dictator. Stefani Lord, the founder of Pro-Gun Women called the Governor a dictator as she has too much power. 

In her statement to CBS News, Lord called Lujan a disgrace to New Mexico as she had violated their rights. She posted her statement on X, calling the governor a tyrant.

Reason for the emergency order 

Michelle had imposed an emergency for public safety due to the rising gun violence in the city.

The orders were issued last year on September 8, as a decision to control gun violence which included the fatal shooting of an 11-year-old boy outside a baseball stadium.

The temporary order responded to the rash shooting and to figure out attempts to better address public safety. However, the decision was not supported by the police, or the lawmakers.

In response to the growing criticism, she had to narrow the ban down to parks and playgrounds, but the damage was already done as people were losing faith in the governor.

Why the protest?

Guns have been a part of people’s lives for a long time in the city but the nature of possessing them has changed. People now see guns not as a tool for protection but as something fun.

Many of the gun rights advocates have protested against the orders and are requesting the New Mexico Supreme Court to block the orders.

 The court heard arguments against the orders from the National Rifle Association, several residents of the Albuquerque area including law enforcement officers, federal members and gun shop owners.

Governor’s spokesperson Maddy Hayden mentioned in an email about the two’s political interests instead of a meaningful reason. She called it a political stunt as they had earlier asked for criminalizing necrophilia and an early release for sex offenders if they agree to chemical castration procedures.

However, the impeachment resolution may not advance to the public committee deliberations in the state House as the Democrats outnumber the Republicans.

The Governor delivered her second State of the State address on Tuesday, where she introduced many provisions including, a gun safety package that bans weapons, raising the legal age of gun purchase to 21 with a 14-day waiting period, increasing penalties for mishandling guns, keeping guns out of the parks and playgrounds and strict actions by the Extreme Risk Protection Orders to keep guns away from people.

The decision called for her impeachment on Wednesday, even though the city has seen a lot of gun violence in the past which has also involved children.

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