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Maryland Judiciary with Their New Plans to Redesign their Case Search Website

Maryland, a state of the USA, has decided to redesign its Case Search website to keep up with the latest technology trends.

The Maryland judiciary has taken this step to stay committed and updated with the coming-of-age trends in technology.

The case search includes case information from all over Maryland Court case management systems.

The Case Search

The website provides access to information from Maryland case records which are given in the Maryland Rules on Access to Court Records.

The Case Search was introduced in 2006, to make the information easily available for the users which they earlier had to receive from the clerk’s office. 

 Information includes names of parties, city, state and every other detailed information related to a case.

The new design will be launched on February 5, 2024, and will allow users to easily get access to public case information and navigate through them more efficiently.

The new design will mark the Case Search’s first redesign since it was launched in January 2006.

The new design

The redesigning will focus on the website user interface, which means changes in the usability of the site and not the data it provides.

It will display the most searched fields first along with the user’s wish to expand the search if needed.

Along with that, the users will have the option to eliminate the need to view search fields which do not apply to their search.

It will also help the screen to view two sections to reduce traffic on the screen with unwanted options.

The users will now be able to search for cases only by their name or business and will not have to enter more details like “Court Type” or “Location.”

Matthew J. Fader, Chief Justice of the Maryland Supreme Court, said in a news release that the redesign will help the website get an overall makeover with a modern and colourful design which will increase the standards as well as become more user-friendly.

Why the changes?

A spokesperson of the Maryland Judiciary said the changes were decided using the feedback from the users.

The feedback was done for the experts to know the struggles and things they wanted to include on the website. The experts also examined the Case Search of other states that helped them determine what was needed on their website.

The designing is initiated to make every needed information available to the users which will save their time and will lead to less confusion and chaos in finding the public case they want the access to, making it more user-friendly.


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