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Marvel has got its New Punisher and He’s as Brutal as the Previous One

Joe Garrison has taken over as the Punisher of Marvel after Frank Castle, in Punisher #3 which has entered the market as Marvel Comics.

Marvel’s new Punisher is tensed after realizing how big his new mission is, following the dark path Frank Castle had to follow.

Joe Garrison is as brutal and violent as Frank continuing the brutal legacy of him. In Punisher #3, he realizes how much darkness and violence lies ahead of him.

The First Fight

The comic is written by David Pepose and created by Dave Wachter. In the story, he is fighting with the new FearMaster, as she doses him with her fear toxin. 

However, he is able to fight off the toxin and the battle turns to his favor. He holds her in a headlock, while she asks him how he can resist the toxin. He snaps the FearMaster’s neck and tells her corpse that he is fearless.

Frank Castle’s Retirement

Frank Castle had been a part of Marvel for over 50 years. Although being an iconic character, he became problematic over time.

His character, with the skull logo, was co-opted by white supremacists which led to his retirement from the character. Marvel decided to end his character by giving him one last shot because of his iconic presence. 

He became one of Marvel’s biggest villains before he killed himself in the perfect mixture of self-hatred and rage. Of course, his end had to be as iconic as his character throughout. A while after his death, Garrison’s family was killed, to mark the beginning of the new Punisher. He was a former SHIELD agent and decided to avenge his family.

Their Similarities

Apart from being violent and brutal like Frank, Joe has other similarities too. They are former military men who lost their families to crime. They have the knowledge and the access to advanced weapons and firearms particularly Joe, who has great knowledge about firearms being a former SHIELD agent.

Despite these, they both are professionals when it comes to combatants. Not only the physical advantages, but both have suffered the same mental despair due to their military background.

It would not be an overstatement to say that their military service was the reason which turned them into killers they are today. However, for now, Joe has resisted to give his all to destiny. 

Becoming the New Punisher 

His killing of the FearMaster with just his bare hands has finally made him the Punisher. Although he killed her, he realized that there were many more dangerous monsters he would have to punish except the ones who killed his family.

He is heading towards the dark path that Frank once walked and understands that this path is a never-ending one, till he ends up like Frank. His path as the Punisher is a heavy burden as now, he will have to punish all those who deserve one.

His complete transformation will now lead him to the never-ending path of revenge as he punishes more with the story unfolding further.

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