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Dreamer Might End Up Tearing the Suicide Squad Down: A Threat to Amanda Waller

 Dreamer, the new member added to the Suicide Squad might not be to strengthen the team but to tear it apart.

The new member came into the squad due to the manipulations of Amanda Waller. Despite being added to the team forcefully, she has managed to break free from the manipulation which might give the other members to give it a try too.

Through the past year, Amanda Waller has been chasing after heroes in the DC Universe and her biggest accomplishment yet, is to manipulate Dreamer into joining the Suicide Squad. 

Dreamer’s Powers

She has done so, as Dreamer has precognitive powers that will give Amanda the power to see the future, given the fact that she already is manipulative and looking into the future will make her even stronger.

An Advantage for the Team

The Suicide Squad already has some strong characters but with Dreamer, the team would be unstoppable. 

Nia Nal, Dreamer, has great powers over dreams and can see the future within her own dreams. 

It is not only this that makes her strong, but she can also teleport herself into others’ dreams. With this teleportation power, she once broke into the Fortress of Solitude by walking through the dream of a sleeping creature in Superman’s zoo. 

Furthermore, her powers are getting stronger as she can now see the future without sleeping. Her powers are essential to the Suicide Squad.

Her Decision to Break-Free

However, according to the information for the upcoming Suicide Squad: Dream Team #2 in April, Nicole Maines, the writer, has hinted that she will not stay on the team for long and might as well convince a few others to break free.

Amanda Waller is pissed by Dreamer’s decision as she is waging a war against the heroes of the DC Universe, which is why she wants her squad to be stronger than before.

Unfortunately, Dreamer might not remain on the team for long and might tag other members along. The question now remains who all will break free or stay to serve Amanda in the war.

Why is Dreamer Important?

Dreamer’s powers are important for Amanda to serve her obsession over power, and so Amanda might not let her go so easily, but one thing’s for sure, her powers will shape the future of DC for either better or worse.

Amanda is the leader of Suicide Squad, and she aims to activate her ‘Bureau of Sovereignty’ and eliminate the superheroes of DCU from the earth, with Dreamer on her team, she will become invincible. 

However, Dreamer’s powers and her decision to break free make her a potential threat to Amanda’s control over the team and her plan to destroy the superheroes.

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