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Exploring the Top 10 Safest Cities in New York for Serene Living in 2024

Discovering the Tranquil Charm of New York’s Safe Cities

Enhancing Home Safety with Smart Security Systems in New York’s Peaceful Havens

According to Southwest Journal report, hen you think of New York, you might picture Times Square or the Statue of Liberty but there’s more to the Empire State. Living in New York also means enjoying beautiful fall leaves and picking apples. As you think about the calm life in these safe cities adding smart security systems to your home can give you extra comfort and protection. Explore the peaceful side of New York away from the busy streets and make your home a haven.

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Exploring the Top 10 Safest Cities in New York for Serene Living in 2024. (PHOTO: Zac Johnson)

10 Safest Cities in New York

Glen Cove

In Glen Cove a serene Long Island town a population of 27,877 enjoys a low crime rate of 11 per 100,000 securing its spot as the tenth safest city in New York. Waterfront parks and a family-friendly atmosphere add to its allure.

Glens Falls

Heading upstate to Glens Falls the ninth safest city, a population of 14,557 experiences a peaceful environment near Lake George. With a low violent crime rate of 69 per 100,000 Glens Falls offers a cost of living below the national average.

Long Island

Great Neck the eighth safest city on Long Island with 11,052 residents, boasts a remarkably low violent crime rate of 9 per 100,000. Despite a higher FEMA risk it provides quick access to New York City and some of the best beaches in the state.

Westchester County

Rye Brook in Westchester County takes the seventh spot with 9,819 residents and a notable 0 violent crimes per 100,000. Public parks and a high median income make it an attractive option despite slightly higher living costs.


Scarsdale the sixth safest city, with 17,557 residents is known for excellent schools and a 17 per 100,000 violent crime rate. A short train ride to Manhattan and low population density add to its appeal for families.


In the fifth spot is Harrison downstate New York, appeals to golf enthusiasts and boasts notable alumni. With a population of 29,083 and a 45-minute train ride to Manhattan its low crime rates and high income levels make it an enriching living environment.

Rockland County

Airmont, the fourth safest city in Rockland County with 10,102 residents offers proximity to nature and slightly higher living costs than its neighboring village Suffern. Both share safety features making them desirable in the Hudson Valley.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow in Westchester’s third safest city presents a picturesque scene with 13,338 residents, 0 violent crimes per 100,000 and the lowest FEMA risk. Convenient train service to Manhattan within 50 minutes adds to its charm.


Suffern is the second safest city in Rockland County with a population of 11,364, stands out for its historic charm and safety credentials. A one-hour drive from Manhattan and Suffern provides a secure and appealing living experience.


Rye in Westchester County stands as the safest city with 16,104 residents and 0 recorded violent crimes per 100,000. Despite a high cost of living and moderate FEMA risk, Rye’s low crime rates and high income levels make it the epitome of safety and desirability for residents.

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