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$250 One-Time Rebate Could Be Sent to Seniors in Arizona

One-time rebate

Seniors in Arizona will soon receive an amount of $250 in a one-time rebate after legislation was passed in the state Senate.

One-time rebate
$250 one-time rebate for seniors in Arizona. (Photo: CNET)

$250 in One-Time Rebate

The lawmakers in the state of Arizona have passed new legislation and may have a total budget of $400 million for seniors in the state. It was also reported that there are more coming and that includes $250 in one-time rebate for seniors.

In a published article in WMICentral, the new legislation is now heading to the Senate and it was stipulated that those who aged 65 and above will receive a $250 one-time rebate.  Originally, Sen. Anthony Kern proposed that the checks go out to anyone at least 55 years old.

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Will this $250 One-Time Rebate Possible?

According to a published article in Newsweek, Kern said, “It mirrors the family tax rebate we had last year that Gov. Hobbs was so happy about last session,” He also added that he only followed the precedent last year by giving another group a one-time rebate.

Furthermore, eligibility would be limited for those who filed their full-year resident tax return for 2022 and had at least $1 of liability in 2020, 2021 or 2022. Both spouses are eligible if they have reached 65; if only one is that old, there would be only a single check.

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