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Alabama 10 Dangerous Cities – Be Careful in 2024!

Rich History, Vibrant Culture, and Economic Diversity

Alabama 10 Dangerous Cities. (PHOTO:

According to Southwest Journal, Alabama known as the “Heart of Dixie,” boasts a rich history pivotal to the Civil Rights movement and is the birthplace of figures like Channing Tatum and Helen Keller. The state’s love for college football and its role as a major steel piping producer showcase its diverse culture and economy. Travelers should be cautious in certain areas but Alabama offers a unique blend of history, culture, and economic significance for visitors.

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10 Alabama Dangerous Cities

Troy, Alabama

Ranks tenth due to its high crime rates with double the national average for violent crimes. Daytime activities are generally safe, but caution is advised at night.

Tarrant, Alabama

Holds the ninth position with a crime rate 143% higher than the state average. Daytime activities are considered safe but caution is necessary especially at night.

Gadsden, Alabama

Is eighth with 1,000 violent crimes per 100,000 people. Daytime exploration is safe but solo female travelers should be cautious at night.

Selma, Alabama

At seventh faces a high crime rate despite a 5% decrease. Day trips are generally safe but nighttime activities are discouraged.

Lanett, Alabama

Ranks sixth with a crime rate three times the national average. Daytime activities are generally safe but staying indoors at night is advised.

Prichard, Alabama

Is fifth with a crime rate 2.1 times the national average. Daytime activities are relatively safe but caution is urged for nighttime activities especially for solo female travelers.

Birmingham, Alabama

Is fourth due to a high murder rate and gang violence. Suburbs are generally safer but certain areas in downtown should be avoided.

Bessemer, Alabama

Takes the third spot as the sixth most dangerous place with a 25% decrease in recent years. Caution is advised especially in less frequented neighborhoods.

Fairfield, Alabama

Is the second most dangerous place with a crime rate 219% higher than the state’s average. Daytime activities are generally safe but caution is urged at night and prearranged transportation is recommended.

Anniston, Alabama

Tops the list as the most dangerous city with a violent crime rate significantly higher than the U.S. average. Both residents and tourists face a considerable risk warranting restrictions on activities during both day and night. Consideration of bypassing the city is recommended if possible.

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