14 Dangerous Idaho Areas in 2024 – Unmasking the Darker Side!

Choosing a Safe Home in Idaho: What You Need to Know

14 Dangerous Idaho Areas in 2024. (PHOTO: Idaho.gov)

According to Southwest Journal, Idaho is generally safe it’s crucial to avoid certain cities with higher crime rates and rural areas lacking medical facilities when considering a place to settle down. Research and make informed decisions for a secure living environment.

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14 Dangerous Idaho Areas in 2024

14. Boise

Boise maintains transparency in crime reporting through public data dashboards. Despite being the state’s capital Boise’s total crime rate of about 541 per 100,000 population is significantly lower than both the Idaho and national averages.

13. Jerome

Jerome stands out as one of the riskier places to live in Idaho. With a total crime rate of 2,104.0 incidents per 100,000 people, 55.33% higher than the state average, living in Jerome poses a higher risk of various crimes compared to both national and state averages.

12. Sandpoint

Sandpoint is considered one of the less desirable places to live in Idaho due to a higher-than-average crime rate. The likelihood of encountering violent and property crimes in Sandpoint is estimated at 1 in 69 higher than about 82% of other cities and towns in the state.

11. Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d’Alene is known for being a hazardous place to reside, with a total crime rate 41% above the national average. The violent crime rate in Coeur d’Alene is double the national average emphasizing the risks associated with living there.

10. Lewiston

Despite its outdoor appeal Lewiston experiences a crime rate 38% higher than the national average, with property crime nearly twice the national average. Property crimes such as burglary and motor vehicle theft contribute to safety concerns in Lewiston.

9. Payette

Payette a small city in Southwestern Idaho, is unfortunately known for its high crime rate. Recent data indicates that Payette’s total crime rate is a staggering 70% higher than the national average raising significant concerns about safety in this community.

8. Nampa

Despite its charming parks and historic downtown Nampa is often considered one of Idaho’s less desirable cities to live in. The crime rate in Nampa is alarmingly 82% higher than the national average particularly concerning due to the prevalence of property crimes.

7. Caldwell

Caldwell is one of the more dangerous cities in Idaho. Property crimes including burglary and theft contribute to safety concerns. Law enforcement in Caldwell faces challenges due to resource limitations impacting their ability to address criminal activities promptly.

6. Mountain Home

Mountain Home faces one of Idaho’s highest crime rates. The violent crime rate of 8 per 1,000 residents is alarmingly higher than the national average and property crime rates also surpass the national average.

5. Chubbuck

Chubbuck is known for its rural lifestyle, has a high crime rate notably exceeding the national average for both violent and property crimes. Challenges in law enforcement resources contribute to difficulties in tackling crime in Chubbuck.

4. Blackfoot

Despite its attractions, Blackfoot ranks as one of Idaho’s most dangerous cities. The crime rate in Blackfoot exceeds both state and national averages, driven by factors such as drug use, poverty, and desperation leading to criminal behavior.

3. Twin Falls

Twin Falls presents a mixed picture regarding safety with crime rates exceeding the national average. Certain neighborhoods especially downtown, have a reputation for property theft and vandalism emphasizing the need for caution in certain areas.

2. Pocatello

Pocatello known for drug-related issues and high poverty rates, stands out as one of Idaho’s less safe locations. Efforts by the Pocatello Police Department include community policing strategies and increased patrols to address safety challenges.

1. Garden City

Garden City is considered one of Idaho’s most perilous cities due to a high crime rate including violent crimes, drug trafficking, and gang activity. A combination of poverty and limited resources contributes to safety concerns requiring visitors to exercise caution even while appreciating the city’s offerings.

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