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Trump’s Victory in Iowa: DeSantis and Haley Determined to Stay in the Race for Presidential Election

With Trump’s victory in the Iowa Caucuses on Monday, DeSantis and Haley remain the two candidates now battling for the second place.

Trump was victorious in the Republican party’s Iowa Caucuses result on Monday as he won by a large majority. The win has ultimately fortified his candidacy for the Presidential election due in November.

The Results

He won more than 50% of the votes and was well ahead of the two runners-up. The two battled for the second position and DeSantis finished ahead of Haley with a very thin margin. The fourth candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy decided to end his campaign and support Trump instead.

The voting began at 7 pm on Monday in various schools, community centres and venues in Iowa. The possible prediction according to NBC News was 51% for Trump followed by 21% for DeSantis and 19% for Haley.

After the results were announced, Trump won by the largest margin ever in the state which also strengthened his power to ultimately be a serious challenge to Biden.

Trump promised his voters the plans he had for winning the White House, he pledged to solve the Israel- Hamas and Ukraine wars very quickly along with solving the issue at the U.S.-Mexico border by sealing it. While talking about his competitor Joe Biden, he called him the worst president to ever hold office.

The Challenge Still Remains for Trump

Despite his second place, DeSantis was satisfied with the results as his campaign got its “ticket punched” by the Iowa Republicans, which was a big achievement for him. 

He was hopeful after the results and was determined to stay in the race while addressing his supporters that he would make things right after becoming the next President.

Nikki Haley also addressed her supporters after she lost the second position by a very short margin. She claimed the presidential race to be between her and Trump, calling the result a “two-person race.”

She now focuses on competing against Trump in New Hampshire on Jan 23. Trump’s victory has a possibility of him leading in the upcoming New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, which makes it a battle between DeSantis and Haley.

Although, according to recent polls, Haley secured second place ahead of DeSantis in both primaries. 

 Even though they both have decided to compete with Trump, his victory has tightened the grip on the GOP as even despite his 91 felony charges, he has the support of the majority of Iowa GOP voters, nevertheless they both still persist on challenging Trump.

Due to the extreme cold and snow, the voting was affected as only about 110,000 caucusgoers were present, even less than the 150,000 NBC News had expected compared with 186,000 in 2016.

Trump’s Easy Win

It was Trump’s ultimate win as despite spending only around $44,000 on advertisements for his campaign for Iowa on Facebook and Instagram he still won according to CNBC. Whereas AFP Action spent nearly $419,000 nationwide on Meta ads to help Haley for Iowa.

Alex Pfeiffer, communications director for Make America Great Again Inc., stated that the two runner-ups should give up their fight against Trump after his victory in Iowa and stop wasting time and resources on their campaigns.

Yet, the two remain in the race and gear themselves up for the upcoming New Hampshire polls on Jan 23.

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