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TikTok’s New Viral Couple: Thanks to “Pookie looks absolutely fire”

The viral TikTok couple are as cute as they can be while both keep on hyping each other up.

The Admiration

TikTok has been lately obsessed with a couple who have gone viral. Campbell Puckett known as “Pookie” and her husband Jett Puckett both have become TikTok sensations due to their unbound devotion to each other.

More thanks to Jett, who never fails to mesmerize the viewers with his obsession over his wife. He is famously known for his “Pookie looks absolutely fire” every time Campbell wears a new designer outfit. It is Jett who coined the name “Pookie.”

It is not only his adoration for his wife but his striking resemblance to Matt Damon that has made the couple an internet sensation.

The couple is a lively one, from sharing designer outfits, surprising one another with personalized gifts, travelling together to beautiful places to visiting their favourite food spots, they love to do things that make them happy and more loved by the internet.

The Viral Video

Jett’s line that has become so iconic comes from a TikTok posted on Instagram on Jan 28. The video shows Pookie’s date night outfit to which he replies, “Pookie is looking absolutely fire tonight.”

Their Love Story 

They recently shared a video of how they both fell in love. It was Jeff obsessing over his wife. He said she was the prettiest girl he met at a wine bar in Philadelphia and struck up a conversation, back in 2015. 

The couple found soulmates in each other and after just ten months, they both got engaged. Jeff didn’t leave a stone unturned while gushing over his wife as he said, “Campbell’s like a princess…She really is the best person I know.” 

Who is the Pookie Couple?

Campbell was a flight attendant and Jett was a graduate student when they first met. He went to the University of Georgia in the Beta Fraternity and Campbell was an Ole Miss gal.

The couple lived in Georgia for a long time and then moved to Paris.

Their extravagant lifestyle comes with their passion for their work. Pookie is a content creator along with a fashion blogger known as You Should Wear That, which is also well-established. 

According to Jett’s LinkedIn profile, he is a Managing Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for McLerran & Associates Practice Transitions, with experience in the banking and dental worlds as well.

The two got married on April 14, 2018, and shared their wedding pics on their Instagram profiles. Although they have been creating content for their relationship for a long time, the two gained more from Jett’s reactions to her outfits of the day.

His admiration goes beyond just adoring as he never fails to give the viewers a good compliment to his wife. In one clip he says, “It’s date night and Pookie looks particularly amazing tonight. I would call this a happy dress.”

The fans never fail to hype the duo with their compliments, calling them iconic couples and complimenting Pookie with beautiful words like stunning, “Our Queen.”

“Pookie” Famous

Many celebrities like Zach Bryan and Alix Earle have tried to recreate Jett’s famous praise along with brands like Southwest Airlines and Dunkin’ Donuts using “Pookie” for their social media marketing to tag along in the fun.

The two don’t have any children yet but they share a French Bulldog named Pierre. 

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