The Ongoing Legal War has Left Both Sides Impatient as the Elections are On-Top 

Federal judge Tanya Chutkan rejected Trump’s plea to hold Jack Smith in contempt over his election interference case.

Defense’s Accusation Against Smith

Trump wanted special counsel Jack Smith to be punished for submitting court filings for Trump’s criminal election interference case while it is paused. The court ruled out and rejected his claim of immunity from prosecution.

His attorneys also accused Smith of violating court order by providing evidence even when the case was put on hold and wanted the judge to hold Smith in contempt earlier this month.

Judge Tanya Chutkan wrote in her federal order that she supported Trump in the fact that the case was a burden on him and so she would forbid Jack Smith and other parties from filing without her permission.

She ordered both parties to get her permission before filing pre-trial motions while the stay order was in effect.

Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung considered the judge’s decision to be a disadvantage for Smith but according to the judge, her decision was not based on any violation by the government.

The case has been put on hold as Trump appeals for his presidential immunity claim during the 2020 election and the defense called Smith’s action of filing a motion of thousands of pages of evidence “outrageous conduct.” Even though the defense got some relief from the decision, Trump’s immunity was rejected by the higher court.

The trial is scheduled for March 4 in Washington’s federal court but might get delayed because of Trump’s immunity claim.

The ruling for the same will be decided by a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court and could be announced any day.

Smith and his team acknowledged that the case has been paused but it would not stop them from collecting evidence as per the previously determined deadlines by the court.

A Legal War

The defense’s move against Smith and two of his top deputies to hold them in contempt has turned into a legal conflict between the defense and the prosecutors as the election is on top. 

A sort of war is going on regarding the case as it has been put on hold, the prosecutors are insisting on a trial as quickly as possible whereas the defense is trying to delay the trial until after the elections.

If Trump came into power, he would have the authority to overturn the case and drop it which is why the prosecutors want the trial before the elections.

Smith and his team have been trying their best to keep the trial on track, stating the public wants the prosecution of Trump as soon as possible showing their worry and desperation. 

They had even requested the Supreme Court to proceed with the case without considering the appeals court that is currently hearing Trump’s immunity claims for a quick decision.

Trump’s lawyers on the other hand are doing their best to delay the case further. The desperation to win has been visible on both sides as their impatience grows stronger.


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