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Spawn Defeating His Enemies in Some Extraordinary Fights

Spawn is considered one of the strong characters in Image Comics history, which eventually makes him have strong opponents in battles.

AI Simmons, known as Spawn gained such immeasurable powers by channeling them from hell which led to the most despicable, and powerful enemies wanting to challenge him.

Even though his enemies might seem like the strongest of all, like demons and angels, aliens, mutants and even humans with skills and power, he still gains victory either by mutual understanding or by absolute dominance over his opponents.

The Ninja Turtles Fight

Everyone knows about the Ninja Turtles who fought against Spawn which came out as one of the most shocking enemies Spawn has faced. The team of the iconic mutant heroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fought against Spawn, which featured on the last few pages of the Image Comics TMNT #24.

The fight was as surprising as it was short. It did not add much to the story line, but it indeed was full of action. The fight ended quickly with Spawn defeating the Turtles with his hellish powers in a single blow.

With Batman

Fans were truly shocked when his fight with Batman was published, and even more shocked to discover the two were not on good terms throughout the book, even though they had differences, with Batman hating Spawn for his murderous methods and Spawn hating Batman for getting involved in his territory.

The fight was neither won nor lost as they came on peaceful terms but before that, Spawn got hit by Batman on the face which is one of the most iconic injuries.

One of the most Shocking Villain

Spawn encountered one of his first villains, who still serves as a shock to many. The Violator, has two forms, a tall thin creature like Venom and a clown. The Violater is one of his major villains, committed horrific acts of violence throughout the Spawn series. However, Spawn defeated the villain for good by obliterating the Violater with the explosion of necroplasm.


Fight With Angel

Spawn has also fought one of the strongest angels called Angela, who is a Hellspawn-hunter who has killed many of them since the Dark Ages. She kills generals from hell to stop them from making hell powerful enough to overthrow heaven.

Spawn could not kill Angela but was able to send her running back which was a shock for the readers as Angela is very powerful.

His Killer

Spawn recovered his memories and identified the man who sent him to hell when he was AI Simmon. It is his former fellow special forces soldier Bruce Stinson that killed him who now has become a government-contracted soldier.

He hunted down Stinson, now called Chapel and sliced off most parts of his face, leaving with his skull almost visible. It wasn’t a shock for fans that he hunted down the one who killed him, it was a shock when his killer was revealed.

Hell and Heaven

Spawn made a deal with the demon lord Malebogia, which made it an obvious deal that he would have to face the king of hell, Satan. Even though he was forced to lead hell’s army being a good-hearted antihero, it was obvious someday he would have to fight Satan.

He vanquished Satan and defeated God as well, at the same time. He defeated them by trapping both in a pocket reality where they would attack each other for eternity. 


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