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Sofia Richie Expecting her First Child With Husband Elliot Grainge

Sofia Richie, the famous daughter of the famous singer and songwriter Lionel Richie, has announced her pregnancy.


The Announcement

The 25-year-old American model is expecting her first child with husband Elliot Grainge, 30, confirming the news in a Vogue interview on Thursday.

The two are expecting a baby girl which was her lifelong dream to have a daughter. Both are very excited for the child as they dive into the preparations for her arrival.

Elliot, who is the founder and CEO of independent record label 10K Projects, tied the knot with Sofia in April. Both are very private with their married life on social media and do not post much about it on social media. “We know when to turn it off,” she explained in her interview with Town & Country magazine in September.

Their Marriage

After being married, Richie has appreciated Elliot’s presence as a feeling of safety and calmness. She said she is enjoying her life as a newlywed and feels relaxed and calm when she is with him, she told Vogue.

In an interview with Who What Wear, she also recalled the early stages of their relationship where she felt appreciated and loved and knew from the moment they started dating, that he was her husband.

The news was announced on Jan 25 exclusively to British Vogue. Richie told the magazine that she found out about it when she was four weeks pregnant at the Milan Fashion Week, where she was going for the Prada show. She said she felt very weird and took a pregnancy test for assurance, revealing her pregnancy.

Gender Reveal

She also revealed her zodiac sign, which is Gemini, and the couple will soon be holding their baby girl in their hands.

On Thursday, Richie shared a TikTok video of the couple’s intimate gender reveal along with an ultrasound of their baby. 

Both were expecting a baby boy, even though Richie wanted a baby girl. She told Vogue that both were excited for the gender reveal and they bought two party poppers of pink and blue. 

The couple then popped the one her assistant Becca chose and were shocked when it burst out pink as they thought it would be a boy.

She explained that her husband was also quite excited about having a daughter and did not act as typical of boys who want boys as he has many sisters too.

The two have been married for nearly ten months, when they tied knot on 22 April 2023, after being together for two years. They have come a long way from being just couples to now being parents for the first time.


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