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Nikki Haley’s Supporters Most Likely to Choose Biden over Trump

In the recent Iowa polls, the GOPs would vote for Trump but not all.

The Republican Iowa caucusgoers will vote for Trump in the upcoming elections except for the supporters of former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

According to the polls by NBC News, Haley’s 43% percent voters are most likely to vote for Biden in comparison to the overall 71% of voters for Trump. Ann Selzer, a pollster, has been conducting the Iowa survey for the past three decades.

The polls also showed the support Haley is getting from Independents, Democrats along with some Republicans who feel uneasy with the GOP’s voting for Trump.

Surprisingly, the polls also revealed that nearly 74% of the caucusgoers believe that Trump might take over the Presidency from Biden even after all the charges Trump has been facing. On the other hand, 23% of voters find it impossible for Trump to win the elections.

Even in this, Haley’s 42% of supporters believe in Trump’s possible victory while 54% beliefs. 

Ann Selzer pointed out the fact while surveying that most of Haley’s voters are anti-Trump and she knows how to muster support out of them.

New Hampshire in comparison to Iowa has more independent voters which might result in a potential challenge to Trump as Haley might get an advantage there while she might not do well in Iowa to challenge Trump in polls.

The Stats

Overall, Trump has 71% of GOP votes while Biden only has 11% along with 6% for the independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy. Fortunately, Biden has more support from the Iowa caucusgoers who support Haley which consists of 43% of voters and only 23% for Trump.

Apart from The Biden-Trump election war, Nikki Haley has also been gaining a lot of polls from December as a potential candidate, mostly from her voters who prefer Biden over Trump.

This is a possible sign as many believe Haley to be a better Republican candidate against Biden for the upcoming elections that she holds a bigger lead over Biden than Trump or Ron DeSantis.

Why does she have a possible lead?

Haley has the potential to attract independent as well as moderate voters with her intelligence and empathetic nature, always ready to put herself at stake for the better. This quality resonates well with the voters and even surpasses Biden’s.

The poll also showed that caucusgoers would also likely vote for Haley as she gained nearly 20% of the support but Trump takes the lead.

A Haley spokesperson told the Times that she might become the “new generational leadership” that America needs which might overturn the election nomination.


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