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Cowboys’ playoff failures by the numbers since last NFC title game appearance

It’s been a long time since the Dallas Ranchers beat Brett Favre and the Green Cove Packers, 38-27, in the 1995 NFC Title Game, prior to beating Bill Cowher’s Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17, in Super Bowl XXX.

That was Dallas’ last appearance in a conference championship game. You’d be unable to find a more disheartening season finisher stretch for any establishment than the Cowpokes’ throughout this time.

America’s Team Playoff Agony: 13 Exits, Including a Stunning Loss to the Packers – A Number and Fact for Each Heartbreak

They’ve persevered through 13 season finisher exits from that point forward, remembering a dazzling victory misfortune to the Packers for Sunday. To sum up America’s Team’s agony during the postseason, here are a number and a fact for each.

  1. Groups worth $9 billion in sports

There’s ONE group worth $9 billion in sports. It’s simply the 2023 Cowpokes, as indicated by Forbes. For the past 15 years, they have been the NFL team with the highest value. They say cash can’t purchase you joy. All things considered, it can’t get you a title by the same token.

  1. Ranchers’ times with No. Since 1996, Dallas has been the No. 1 seed. 1 seed twice starting around 1996. In 2007, it went limited time offer against the Monsters and Terrell Owens got profound safeguarding Tony Romo during a scandalous postgame interview, saying “That is my quarterback.” In 2016, the Cowpokes lost after Aaron Rodgers’ famous sideline toss to Jared Concoct put forth the game-dominating field objective.
  2. Dez Bryant gets in 2014 divisional round misfortune at Packers
    Dez Bryant had THREE gets in the Cowpokes’ 26-21 divisional round misfortune at Lambeau Field in 2014. It would have been four in the event that replay survey didn’t topple his disputable no-get. Had the catch stood up, Dallas might have started to lead the pack in the last minutes of the game. It stands to reason that Dallas wants to forget about its previous three playoff encounters with the Packers—in 2014, 2016, and 2023).
  1. Bunches with losing record as season finisher #1 beginning around 1996
    The Farmers are 5-6 as a main in the postseason starting around 1996, one of four gatherings with a terrible record as a season finisher #1 over that reach (Hearty tones, Beasts, Chargers). Dallas’ six mishaps as a main? 1996 at Pumas, 1998 versus Cardinals, 2007 versus Goliaths, 2016 versus Packers, 2021 versus 49ers and Sunday versus Packers
  2. Dak Prescott’s playoff losses Dak Prescott has the worst playoff record of any quarterback in playoff history, going 2-5 (minimum). 5 starting points) close by Alex Smith and Billy Kilmer.
  1. Groups without a meeting title game starting around 1996
    SIX groups have neglected to play in a meeting title game starting around 1996: the Cowpokes, Texans, Tans, Lions, Dolphins and Commandants. Not the very establishments you would ordinarily connect Dallas with. The Ranchers are the main group in that gathering with a triumphant record in the ordinary season over that range.
  2. This playoff exit was especially disappointing given that the Cowboys were 7.5-point favorites against the Packers. The Cowboys lost three straight playoff games. The Cowpokes are the main group since the 1970 consolidation to lose three straight season finisher games as a #1 of no less than seven places. In 1998, they lost to the Cardinals, in 2007 to the Giants, and on Sunday, to Green Bay. A reward No. 7: The Cowpokes have lost seven straight games in the divisional round, the longest streak by any group since the consolidation. They will not need to stress over expanding that this year.
  1. Cowpokes season finisher limited time offers beginning around 1996
    The Cowpokes have gone limited time offer Multiple times beginning around 1996. That is a ton of speedy ways out. The Colts are the only team with more during that time period, with 10. Dallas’ most excruciating early exit was a 21-20 misfortune in Seattle in the 2006 trump card round when Tony Romo misused a snap on the Cattle rustlers’ true capacity go on 19-yard field objective endeavor.
  2. Seconds left after Dak Prescott’s slide in season finisher misfortune to 49ers
    There were NINE seconds left at work after Dak Prescott’s slide against the 49ers in a 23-17 special case season finisher misfortune a long time back. As Dallas attempted unsuccessfully to spike the ball with no remaining timeouts, an official bumped Prescott. If executed correctly, the Cowboys would have won the game with one play remaining at San Francisco’s 24-yard line. That has been close enough for different groups – – in particular the 49ers in “The Catch II” – – to score last-second game-dominating scores in the postseason.
  1. Green Bay continues to have Dak Prescott’s number when it comes to interceptions. He has 10 profession block attempts in six beginnings (1-5 record) versus the Packers, his most vocation picks against any group. He hasn’t even tossed 10 block attempts against any of his NFC East adversaries.
  2. Micah Parsons pullover number
    Regardless of having No. 11 on guard, the Ranchers permitted 48 focuses. The main group to permit more at home in the postseason was Washington in the 1940 NFL Title game (lost 73-0 to the Bears).
  3. Cowpokes wins this season
    The Cowpokes went 12-5 for a third consecutive season don’t yet have anything to show for it. They are the principal group in NFL history with three straight 12-come out on top for seasons without a Gathering Title game.

13. Cowboys’ string of playoff appearances without a trip to the conference championship game:

The Cowboys have been to the playoffs for a total of thirteen times without making it to the conference championship game. The Dallas early exit streak is now the longest of its kind in playoff history due to its prolonged duration. Indeed, no other group has gone this numerous continuous season finisher trips without essentially arriving at an AFC or NFC title game.

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