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Crown Prince Frederik Became the New King of Denmark after his Controversial Affair Rumour

After Queen Margarethe ll stepped down from the Danish throne, Frederik X became the new king.

 Ascending the throne on Jan 14, he succeeded his mother, who stepped down after 52 years of rule. 

He was announced as the new king of Denmark by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on the balcony of the Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. 

He was together with his Australian-borne wife Queen Mary and their 4 children. Future prince Christian,18, Princess Isabella, 16, and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, 13.

The Proclamation 

The two were seen sharing a kiss when he was proclaimed the king along with waving at nearly 100,000 people who were singing the national anthem. The king, who is 55, addressed the crowd and said it was his dream to become a unifying king for the future. While addressing the crowd, he got emotional, and the queen stepped out to hold his hands. The whole family was together at the balcony when the proclamation was complete.

Why did the Queen Step Down?

Former Queen Margarethe, who still keeps the title, announced her abdication on New Year’s Eve on Jan 14, becoming the first Danish monarch in nearly 900 years to relinquish the crown wishfully.

She gave her February 2023 back surgery as the reason for her decision to secure the future of the Danish monarchy.

Her decision was met by surprise along with different perspectives as a Danish ruler reigned until their deaths. 

Some royal commentators believed that she wanted to save her son’s marriage as he was seen with Genoveva Casanova, the Mexican-borne socialite in Spain last November. 

This had caused rumors of an affair as they both were spotted together on his private trip to Madrid, which she denied in her statement to HOLA! Whereas the royal family refused to comment on the rumor.

Phil Dampier, an author and a royal commentator told the Telegraph that it was a move by the Queen to save the marriage as Mary is a valuable asset and losing her would have caused major loss to the royal family.

Making them the King and Queen would settle the issue of breaking off their marriage as they would have to get along with it, Dampier noted.

According to the reports, on Jan 14, Frederik and his son Christian, sat near the Queen as she signed the declaration of her decision after her historic 52 years of reign.

She rode a carriage from Amalienborg Castle to Christiansborg Castle escorted by the Guard Hussar Regiment’s Mounted Squadron. 

It took place at a meeting of the Council of State at Parliament. After completing the requirements, she rose from her seat and asked her son to take over. As the new king sat on the seat, the Queen hailed “God save the king” as she left the room.

After the proclamation, where he was seen holding hands with his wife, who had been the country’s crown princess for the past 20 years and sharing a kiss, the new king and queen rode back to the Amalienborg Castle with thousands of spectators watching the whole scene.

The King and Queen’s kiss marked the beginning of a new reign putting closure to the affair rumour for now.

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