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10 Mexico Most Dangerous Cities in 2024 – In The Line Of Fire!

Tips for a Secure Visit or Home and Staying Safe in Mexico

Mexico Most Dangerous Cities. (PHOTO: Go By Truck News)

According to Southwest Journal, Mexico is a diverse and beautiful place but it has some safety issues like crime and violence especially related to drug problems. In 2021 there were many homicides and kidnappings. Recent events like the kidnapping and killing of American tourists in March 2024 make safety a concern. Not many Mexicans feel safe in their neighborhoods at night. If you plan to visit or live in certain cities in Mexico it’s smart to be careful and make your home more secure with things like cameras.

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10 Mexico 10 Most Dangerous Cities

Victoria, Mexico

A prominent manufacturing hub in Mexico known for auto parts, garments, and microchips. It faces a hidden challenge as a key route for drug cartels leading to a high murder rate of 86 per 100,000 people. Street gangs contribute to safety concerns with their involvement in robberies and assaults.

Juarez, Mexico

Despite its rich cultural heritage Juarez located along the Rio Grande is notorious for drug trafficking gun smuggling and human trafficking. With a murder rate of 103 per 100,000 people the city poses safety risks requiring visitors to stay in groups, avoid isolated areas and exercise caution especially after dark.

Cancun, Mexico

A globally recognized tourist destination on the Caribbean Sea. Cancun faces increasing crimes targeting tourists including theft, assaults, and fraud. Government regulations on Airbnb, bars, and nightclubs aim to enhance tourist safety with recommendations for visitors to stay within resort areas.

Irapuato, Mexico

Known for its agricultural products Irapuato experiences perilous conditions due to conflicts among drug cartels leading to mass shootings and government discouragement of travel due to assaults, armed robberies, and kidnappings.

Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

A historic port city with a low homicide rate but elevated incidents of assaults, thefts, muggings, and drug dealing, posing modern-day perils for residents and visitors.

Culiacan, Mexico

Once a city with low crime Culiacan has experienced a significant rise in crime rates due to cartel conflicts particularly after the arrest of El Chapo’s son. The city has become a battleground with a current homicide rate of 61 per 100,000 people causing a tense atmosphere and diminishing the sense of security.

Uruapan, Mexico

Known for its natural beauty and architecture Uruapan faces rising crime rates primarily driven by rampant drug activity leading to increased muggings, carjackings, and armed thefts. Only 22% of locals feel safe walking around during the day reflecting the uneasy atmosphere.

Acapulco, Mexico

A once-luxurious resort Acapulco’s fading glamour is attributed to prevalent crime linked to 20 cartels competing for control of poppy fields to produce heroin. The United States has restricted government officials from visiting due to safety concerns.

Tijuana, Mexico

A border city marked by stark contrasts Tijuana grapples with cartel dominance in fentanyl production resulting in widespread violence and crime. While tourists often report no problems during short visits residents face daily challenges urging visitors to keep a low profile and stay vigilant against scams.

Obregon, Mexico

Despite its scenic beauty and culinary delights Obregon faces safety concerns with common incidents of muggings, carjackings, thefts, and the illicit drug trade, impacting the daily lives and safety of residents.

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