A Much-Needed Crossover of Two Most Favourite Franchises: The Simpsons and The Transformers

Some of the fans favorite Simpsons characters are now reimagined in Transformers characters in the new crossover art.

The animated sitcom which has been fans’ favorite for a long time, will now see some of the characters in various classic Transformers characters. 

The Simpsons

It is a long-running animated TV series which shows the daily lives of a middle-class family living in the misfit city of Springfield. The show leaves fans laughing while putting the family in situations dealing with socio-political and various other topics in a funny yet dark way.

The Simpsons, which focuses on the lives of the family members will now return with its season 35 on February 18, and Transformers on the other hand, will start anew with its Transformers One, an animated prequel which will explore deeply about Optimus Prime and Megatron’s journey.

 The Simpsons season 35 is currently on a break and to fill this gap, the artists @thumb1 shared ten combinations of Simpsons and Transformers characters on their Instagram account.

All the combinations are made from Transformers’ most beloved Generation One Era and Simpsons main characters.

The Transformers

It is an American Japanese animated TV series including war among robots that can transform into objects like cars. The series is popularly known as “Generation One.”

The artists made sure to maintain the originality of the crossovers. It includes the metal head Otto which is inspired by Soundwave, Mr. Burns and Smithers have referred to Megatron and Starscream’s design.

Reference in the Past

It is not a big surprise that the crossover happened as there have been frequent references to Transformers in Simpson, mostly in the jokes. 

Both the franchises are familiar as they have been present on screens for many decades. The sitcom has created various parodies of the franchise. Transformers has already been a part of the franchise. In one episode, Mr. Burns sang about Megatron as an appreciation in his “High to Be Loathed” musical song.

Furthermore, a whole episode has also been dedicated to Transformers’ parody, in the episode “Robots in Disguise,” season 20.

Incredible Combinations

The artists have kept in mind the popularity of both the franchises and done an incredible job of honor both, without overdoing the combinations. The Transformers fans with their focus on details, will appreciate the Generation One details while the Simpsons fans will smile seeing the familiar matching Cybertronian inspiration. Fans have shown positive response to the crossovers as it brings back old memories of both the franchises.

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