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Wyoming’s Haunted Hideaways: 7 Spooky Sites to Explore


Wyoming’s rugged terrain is filled with eerie tales of supernatural encounters and hidden mysteries that will send shivers down your spine.

Wyoming is filled with a multitude of eerie and enigmatic locations, ranging from deserted ghost towns to secluded wilderness areas.

These locations have captivated both residents and adventurous tourists for many years.

Curious individuals are welcome to delve into the intriguing histories and hidden secrets of these enigmatic locations, steeped in myths and legends.

Join us on an eerie journey through the mysterious and chilling locations of Wyoming, where whispers of the supernatural echo through the desolate plains and shadowy woods.

Seven Haunted Places in Wyoming

National Historic Site of Fort Laramie

Visitors would frequent Fort Laramie National Historic Site for trading purposes.

Visitors to the fort have reported sightings of a spectral horse officer that is said to frequent the area.

Unusual occurrences are happening, with mysterious sounds echoing through the air.

Given the frequency of unusual occurrences in this area, many individuals regard it as the most unsettling location in Wyoming.

The Plains Hotel

There have been reports of alleged paranormal activity at Cheyenne’s Historic Plains Hotel, with claims that the spirits of three individuals who tragically lost their lives in a double murder-suicide may be present.

Three individuals were deeply enamored with one another. There is said to be a ghost associated with a guest who stayed at the hotel in the early 1900s.

It is possible that there are other individuals at the Plains Hotel due to its pleasant ambiance.

Irma Hotel

Wyoming’s rugged terrain is filled with eerie tales of supernatural encounters and hidden mysteries that will send shivers down your spine.

The Irma Hotel in Cody was meticulously planned and expertly constructed by the visionary Buffalo Bill.

People who have stayed there have reported hearing footsteps and other unusual sounds, as well as witnessing the apparition of a legless ghost.

This renowned establishment is a captivating masterpiece with an eerie atmosphere.

Heart Mountain Relocation Center

The Powell’s Heart Mountain Relocation Center has a long history, dating back to the end of World War II.

During World War II, their Japanese neighbors were locked up out of fear, creating what can be described as a concentration camp.

Visitors have reported hearing the presence of mysterious entities moving and creating sounds within these sacred chambers.

Library located in Hot Springs County

The Hot Springs County Library is located in Thermopolis.

According to the accounts of the employees, books are frequently tossed about and they have witnessed and heard peculiar noises.

This library has a rich history, dating back to the early days of the West. There have been numerous inexplicable events that have left everyone puzzled.

Historic Occidental Hotel

During the 1800s, the Historic Occidental Hotel in Buffalo served as a multifaceted establishment, offering accommodations, a bar, and additional services.

Once upon a time, a tragic incident occurred in a house where a young girl lost her life on the top floor.

Witnesses have reported seeing a young girl wearing a white dress and with long, dark hair.

She is often approached by individuals who tend to linger in conversation.

It seems that she is involved in rearranging furniture and lightly touching people on the shoulder.

Some individuals claim to have witnessed and heard inexplicable voices and laughter.

Old Faithful Inn

Some individuals have claimed that the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park has an eerie atmosphere.

Guests have reported witnessing supernatural occurrences and objects mysteriously shifting.

The Inn holds significant historical value in Wyoming, attracting the presence of numerous spirits who choose to linger here even after death.

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