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World Record-Breaking Man with Remarkable 7.5-Inch Nose Amazes All


It’s undeniable that Thomas Wedders has a nose that surpasses any you’ve ever seen. While many people may know someone with a slightly larger nose, Thomas’ nose is in a league of its own. 

Wedders holds a world record that is highly unlikely to ever be surpassed. That’s because his nose measured an impressive 7.5 inches in length.

Wedders, hailing from Yorkshire, England, gained fame in the 1700s as he traveled extensively with a circus, captivating countless spectators with his unique attribute. 

His impressive achievement earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Regrettably, there are no photographs available of Wedder’s nose. 

However, wax models bearing his likeness can be found in various locations worldwide.

Little is known about Wedders’ life beyond the fact that he lived in the 1770s. The Daily Star stumbled upon an 1896 article about Wedders, offering additional insights into his life. One of the details mentioned was his lack of intelligence.

The narrative suggests that if noses were truly accurate in reflecting a person’s significance, this individual would have accumulated vast wealth and conquered Europe. 

The description of his nose implies a combination of a strong desire for acquisition and a martial spirit. However, it seemed that his chin lacked strength and his brow was positioned low. 

It appeared that Nature had focused so much on crafting an impressive nose for this individual that he may have overlooked the allocation of intelligence, or perhaps the prominence of the nose displaced this particular attribute. 

Regardless, we are informed that this individual from Yorkshire passed away, with his nose intact, in a state of mind that can only be described as complete foolishness. A wax model of Wedders has recently gained a lot of attention on Reddit.


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