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Why Are You Hating on Your Customer So Much?

My ham and cheese omelet was delicious, cooked perfectly, and piping hot. Bite after bite I tore into the food while thinking of what lies ahead for my day. Another swallow to savor then I heard it… Hating on your customers.

“I can’t take these people, I hate customers!”.

I looked around to see another waitress mumbling and shaking her head as she walked through the diner. She clearly was upset at something that happened. But what happened?

Does it matter?

Well, in the eyes of most managers, no, it doesn’t matter. An employee’s job, especially for those who work in the customer service industry, is to take the good with the bad and brush off the despair from challenging customers. “Do your job with a smile regardless of what happens.” We all know that’s easier said than done…

Why Do You Hate Customers?

Service employees are poked, prodded, demeaned, belittled, dumped-on, and scorned as part of their daily routine. But, at the same time, they are valued, complimented, appreciated, admired, and recognized for all the good they do in the service to the customer.

So, why are you hating on your customer so much?

  • Is it because you dislike people? I doubt it.
  • Is it because all the customers in your restaurant are jerks? I doubt that too.
  • Is it because you took on a job as a waiter, cashier, or another service employee because you thought it would be an easy job? Maybe that’s the case. But boy, were you wrong!

We expect much from those who provide a service to us. A pleasant smile, a warm greeting, appropriate eye contact, and a sincere thanks for our business is all we want. It’s not too much to ask for.

But, if you can’t provide these things on a regular basis AND do so even with the occasional challenging customer, then maybe the service industry isn’t for you.

  • Not everyone can be a rock star, especially those without musical talent.
  • Not everyone can be a sports star, especially those who can’t dribble or hit a ball.
  • Not everyone can be a professional speaker and command an audience of thousands, especially those with paralyzing stage fright.
  • And not everyone can provide caring and compassionate customer service if they don’t have the mindset to do so.

Stop hating on your customer so much. Many times, it’s not their fault when they’re “difficult”.

Were you angry? Were you frustrated? Were you looking for a manager to complain to? Were you thinking, “What the heck is this person doing and what’s taking them so long?”

Do You Hate Your Customer Service Job?

Maybe that person is just like you; working in an industry they are not best suited for. They don’t have a love of service nor a desire to go above and beyond for the customer. They will never be able to excel like a rock star or a basketball player. Their skillset is not there.

But, that’s ok. The service industry is not for everyone and maybe customer service is not your purpose in life.

It takes a special skill to sit in a call center cubicle for 8+ hours and listen to the frustrations of customers. It takes dedication to search through box after box of products of a large showroom to find that “perfect” blouse for the customer planning for that special party. It takes patience and compassion to be a teacher, caregiver, school bus driver, or cashier.

These are noble professions all in need of special people with the skill for and mindset of service.

I’ll ask again – why do you hate your customers so much?

You have skills, experience, and abilities no one else has. You know that, right? All you need to do is to find the “right” job to match these traits and you will excel in ways far beyond your imagination. I have faith in you and so should YOU.

Think of what you like to do. Identify what you’re good at. Remember how you felt when you created, built, or designed that item. Can you replicate that feeling with a job that pays a decent wage? Maybe…

I don’t have all the answers but do know that we shouldn’t be hating on the customer. We should be doing what we do best, and when we do, our service mindset will naturally develop into what we desire from others; friendly, caring, and attentive service.

Let 2019 be your best year ever and the most profitable one too. Find your calling and make your life better, one small step at a time. Good luck!

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