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Is Your Customer Service Team Still Wearing Blinders?

Blinders. They’re used on racehorses to keep their focus on running straight ahead and to not be distracted by the horses on either side. For most horses, blinders are a good and productive means to an end. But for some of us humans working in the customer service industry, we’ve decided to wear blinders too. Is Your Customer Service Team Still Wearing Blinders?

We focus on our job with little interaction with our fellow co-workers. We think this “laser focus” is our key to success until we’re shown the door. Then we ask, “Why am I being fired?”

Is Your Customer Service Team Still Wearing Blinders?

Well, one reason is our failure to understand how our job interacts with the others in our department. We forgot to ensure the “handoff of our information” is smooth, clear, and detailed so the next employee in the supply chain can perform their task effortlessly. We weren’t concerned when our coworkers were swamped and needed help because we “had our own job to do”. We arrived late more times than we’d admit, and others had to cover our shift or had to stay late when we skipped out early.

We didn’t see how our actions affected the business and that’s the problem – and the reason for us being shown the door.

Efficient customer service is seamless and seamless doesn’t happen by accident.CLICK TO TWEET

Yes, there must be sufficient processes and procedures in place but, to build a strong customer service team takes more than that.

Be Dedicated to See More

It takes employees with the dedication to see all they can. It takes employees who are inclined to take initiative usually only reserved for senior management. It takes cooperation and a willingness to help others and ask for help ourselves when needed. It takes YOU and ME doing all we can to see all we can, so our team succeeds.

This is what’s possible when we take our blinders off:

  • We ask questions, so we can come up with unique solutions
  • We question the “conventional wisdom” of past and present methods
  • We become more productive because we “see” a better way
  • We open our minds and embrace other’s ideas

Let the racehorses continue with the blinders; they have little responsibility. We’re asked to do so much more, and we can’t afford to miss any opportunity to WOW our customers.

I can see the finish line now…can’t you?

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