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Sweet Discoveries: San Jose’s Top 3 Cupcake Destinations


San Jose is home to a few select cupcake spots for enthusiasts to explore.
In recent years, the cupcake industry in the city has experienced significant growth, with several bakeries creating unique and delicious cupcakes that appeal to both residents and visitors.

This piece delves into the top cupcake spots in San Jose, including beloved local gem Frost Cupcake Factory and the famous Susie Cakes, which is a hit among Southern Californians.

1. Susie Cakes

The address is 1109 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

Susie Cakes, a bakery in Los Angeles known for its delicious old-fashioned treats, has gained popularity among San Jose residents with a sweet tooth.

Susie Cakes San Jose made its debut in late 2019 in the Willow Glen neighborhood.
They offer a variety of delicious treats including layer cakes, cupcakes, custom cakes, brownies, and cake pops.
All their products are crafted from scratch using well-tested recipes that are bursting with flavor.

Their famous cake is known for being delicate, light, and generously filled. This cake falls somewhere in between a classic white cake and a yellow cake.
Susie Cakes aims to evoke nostalgia by creating cakes that taste like homemade treats from the past.

We absolutely adore the flavor of luscious lemon cupcakes. This dessert features a classic vanilla cake with a zesty lemon curd filling and a creamy vanilla frosting on top.
The cupcakes have a dense texture, but are not overly chewy.

They are also quite damp. Lemon is added on top as a finishing touch. Susie’s southern red velvet cupcake is well-known.
This cake features a rich red color, moist texture, and a subtle cocoa flavor. It is filled with classic cream cheese frosting and topped with the same.
The version from Susie Cakes is delicious, and the filling is delightful and satisfying.

The staff’s vintage aprons and the baby blue decor of this charming shop transport you to another era the moment you step inside.

You’ll be craving a birthday cake, carrot cake, or cookies perfect for a child’s party.
You have the option to purchase cupcakes from Susie Cakes through DoorDash and Uber Eats, with each cupcake priced at around $5.

2. The Frost Cupcake Shop

San Jose is home to a few select cupcake spots for enthusiasts to explore.

The address is 1305 North Bascom Avenue, Suite I, San Jose, CA 95128

Frost Cupcake Factory stands out as one of the limited cupcake shops in San Jose. Located in the West San Jose area.
After winning an episode of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Frost’s owner Andrea Hahn relocated the business from Campbell to San Jose.

The cupcakes at this establishment are renowned for their delicious flavor and stunning appearance.
At Frost Cupcake Factory, you’ll find a wide array of choices that will surely delight your taste buds.

We appreciate their use of high-quality products and meticulous attention to detail.
Not only do their sweets taste delicious, but they also resemble miniature masterpieces that are meant to be enjoyed.

We sampled some of their holiday flavors, such as pumpkin spice and carrot cake.
The cake had a moist and flavorful base, complemented by a cream cheese frosting that wasn’t overly sweet.
The bakery offered a unique churro cupcake with a mini churro on top, along with classic flavors such as lemon, red velvet, and vanilla.

One of the options available was the burnt almond cake flavor.
This place is renowned for having the best cupcakes in San Jose due to their continuous efforts in creating innovative flavors.

This is the perfect spot to pamper yourself as the staff is incredibly friendly. If there are any seasonal or special preferences, be sure to watch for them.

They enjoy changing things around and showcasing different flavors. Individually, a cupcake is priced at $4.75, while a dozen begins at $51.

Kindly note that you have the option to pre-order vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free cupcakes with a 48-hour notice. You need to purchase 12 of each flavor.

3. Ana’s Baking Company 

The address is 1175 Redmond Ave, San Jose, CA 95120

Ana’s is a top choice in the Almaden Valley area of San Jose. They offer affordable personalized birthday cakes, unique wedding cakes, and customized cupcake requests.

Ana’s Bakery offers a range of cupcake flavors such as vanilla, red velvet, guava, and marble.
When on location, Ana’s typically offers a small selection of cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and bars.
You can custom-order cake pops, smash cakes, and other special occasion goods.

Ana’s bakery offers a variety of sugar-free and vegan cupcakes.
You can find a variety of eggless and vegan cupcakes in flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, marble, red velvet, and guava.
Our sugar-free cupcake selection is limited to vanilla and chocolate flavors.

There are gluten-free options in vanilla, chocolate, and marble flavors. Indulge in our delicious vanilla and chocolate flavored keto cupcakes.
Ana’s allergy-friendly flavored cupcakes are considered the best in San Jose.

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