On Top of the World: Exploring the Six Tallest Bridges Across the US


The United States, known for its magnificent vistas and architectural marvels, is proud to have some of the world’s largest bridges.

These massive technical feats not only cover vast distances, but also serve as symbols of human intelligence and resolve.

From the jagged mountains of Colorado to the hazy lowlands of California, each bridge is a tribute to innovation and progress.

Join us on a journey to see the seven tallest bridges in the United States, where sky-high spans connect distant beaches and breathtaking views await those who dare to cross.

Top Six Tallest Bridge Across United States

Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge bridge is the bridge in the highest place in the world. This is in Colorado Springs, USA.

It combines a bridge and an adventure in a single spot. The Royal Gorge Bridge is just how it sounds.

It’s a breathtaking architectural and design marvel that towers 955 feet above the Arkansas River in Colorado.

The Royal Gorge Bridge, America’s highest suspension bridge, attracts thrill seekers and explorers from all over the world.

The park near the bridge contains spectacular attractions, including the famous Via Ferrata. The Royal Gorge Bridge is a must-see attraction in the United States.

ForestHill Bridge

If you want to cross the North Folk American River in style, the Foresthill Bridge is the place to be.

This bridge, also called the Auburn Foresthill, is located in Placer County, near the Sierra Nevada foothills. It is a sight to behold, standing 730 feet above the river.

The Foresthill Bridge is so beautiful that it has been featured in several films, including 2002’s XXX, starring Vin Diesel.

Unfortunately, due to its height, the bridge has become a popular suicide location. During the reconstruction, measures were put in place to prevent additional deaths.

Philip G. McDonald Bridge

The Phil G. McDonald Bridge, which stands 700 feet tall, is regarded as the tallest bridge on US Interstate Highways.

This breathtaking deck truss, commonly known as the Glade Creek Bridge, is located in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

This 1988 bridge has four lanes of interstate traffic and offers stunning views of Glade Creek. The bridge is named after Phil G. McDonald, a US Army soldier who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Vietnam War.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Deep chasm in New Mexico where the Rio Grande flows under a bridge

Some call it the High Bridge, others the Gorge Bridge. Whatever you call it, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is breathtaking.

Many visitors cross the 1,273-foot-long open-air bridge, which sits about 600 feet above the Rio Grande.

This architectural masterpiece is located about ten miles northwest of Taos, New Mexico. You can shop for souvenirs and other items from local vendors along the overlook.

Navajo Bridge

If you’ve ever been to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park in Coconino County, Arizona, you’ve probably seen the Navajo Bridge.

This bridge is made up of two separate bridges, one completed in 1929 and the other in 1995.

The older bridge was originally known as the Grand Canyon Bridge, but it was changed in 1934. This bridge is now only accessible to walkers and equestrians, but the newer bridge remains open to vehicular traffic.

The new bridge stands 470 feet tall, while the previous bridge was 467 feet tall.

Pine Valley Creek Bridge

The Pine Valley Creek Bridge, also known as the Nello Irwin Greer Memorial Bridge, is located in San Diego County, California. It is 450 feet above the valley floor.

The bridge is named after a US Army Sergeant during WWII.

This reinforced concrete box girder bridge is the county’s busiest one.

The Pine Valley Creek Bridge, built in 1974, was the first in the United States to use the segmental balanced cantilever method, which requires lifting and installing components with cranes, lifters, or other machinery.

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