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NYPD Confiscated up to 80 Unlicensed Mopeds Outside Hotel Shelters

The New York police department is capturing the unlicensed mopeds of illegal migrants around the city.

80 vehicles were confiscated by the NYPD which the department posted on X, Monday. These vehicles were parked outside the Roosevelt and Watson Hotel in Manhattan.

Both of these hotels were converted into migrant shelters and had the majority of these unlicensed mopeds.

The Issue 

The New Yorkers, already angry with the government over the illegal immigration in the city, have complained for a long time regarding the vehicles around the city.

They complained about the immigrants not following traffic rules and driving the opposite way on the streets and sidewalks along with the bicycle lanes.

The NYPD issued a notice on their X page about the complaints of the people regarding the parking of the illegal mopeds outside the hotels.

The department has taken measurements regarding the issue by teaming up with officers from NYPD Midtown South and North along with the New York City Department of Sanitation, to remove the vehicles.

The Only Source of Earning

The current number of migrants in the city has reached up to 69000 which has turned into a crisis. Kathy Hochul had proposed providing $2.4 billion to the city for handling the crisis. The city officials including Mayor Eric Adams are afraid the crisis might cost the city $12 billion by the end of the 2025 Fiscal Year.

For some of the migrants, these vehicles are the only source of income for making food deliveries as they cannot find jobs due to lack of work permits.

According to the City’s law, all mopeds have to be registered and insured, but most of the vehicles outside the hotels are unregistered and without license plates.

However, some migrants have given their reasons for using illegal vehicles since they cannot find any other work. One migrant told Fox 5 that they don’t have many options and they find these vehicles as a reliable source of money since food delivery services do not require a license, according to Fox 5.

One Venezuelan migrant told the Daily Mail that along with other immigrants living in the Roosevelt Hotel, they can earn up to $1,500 in two weeks by delivering food and other stuff by using apps requiring bicycle deliveries as most of the other apps require driver’s licenses. 

Nonetheless, the New Yorkers complain that the bikes spoil the neighborhood with their sounds. 

The migration crisis has taken ugly sides as the city is filled with illegal immigrants, searching for work without work permits which is not liked by the New Yorkers as they feel their tax money is being wasted on the immigrant, with no relief to the crisis anytime soon.


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