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A Girlfriend Stabbed Her Boyfriend Claiming it to be Self-Defense

A Texas woman was arrested for killing her boyfriend with a homemade prison shank in December.

The police of San Angelo arrived at a residential driveway where the victim, Jermaine Johnson was spotted on December 26.

The boyfriend was suffering from multiple wound stabs, and he struggled to breathe. He was immediately taken to Shannon Medical Center where he succumbed to the injuries, according to the KLST.

The police later spoke to Ebony Gasca, the defendant who gave her statement.

The Incident

She told the police that they both were arguing while driving to a Dollar General. The argument was verbal at first but later turned violent as Johnson slapped Gasca.

In return, she too struck him in the face according to KLST. The two were captured in a surveillance camera while arriving at Dollar General but whether they were arguing or not was unclear in the footage.

The two were spotted arguing at the store and all the way to their home. Johnson snatched Gasca’s phone out of her hand and refused to return it while in the car.

In her statement to the police, she also mentioned keeping a homemade knife she described as a “prison shank” in her pocket.

While she was trying to get her phone back, he choked her and as a defense, she stabbed him twice with the prison shank.

Johnson had also hit her on the head with her phone which was proved during an examination where she lumped her head along with her damaged phone.

Shevetra Mathis, a neighbor who saw the whole scene, told the investigators that she saw the two arguing from her residence.

She had also recorded the argument where Johnson had taken off his clothes in aggression.

When she saw Johnson choking Gasca, she grabbed a knife and left her house to intervene later saw that Gasca stabbed Johnson in the chest and left.

Mathis also accepted that she stabbed Johnson as a move to save Gasca but did not call law enforcement after doing so.

The Investigation

A search warrant was issued to search Mathis’ phone and gather the video evidence which showed no signs of any physical violence.

However, Gasca did call her friend Jaclyn Graves. She said Gasca called her and admitted she stabbed her boyfriend twice before leaving the scene. She went to her house and changed her clothes.

She also called Johnson’s brother six times and told him about the murder.

The detectives, however, did not find any evidence of any severe physical violence on her body that could have justified the defense, whereas Johnson’s body was severely wounded.

A warrant for Gasca’s arrest was issued on Jan 4 and she was arrested by the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Deputies on Jan 19 for murder with a bond of $500,000.

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