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Nature has Recently Created Havoc in the Northeast US, Raging its Way Through.

An enormous winter storm that occurred on Jan 10 submerged towns in the Northeast US causing power outages along with nearly 5 dead due to the storm.

Videos surfacing on the internet showed areas of New Jersey and Maryland submerged in water. More than 150,000 households had no electricity on Wednesday, mostly affecting New York and Pennsylvania. The air travel was also adversely affected with up to 700 flights cancelled along with nearly 4000 delayed.

Various news portals like Dailymotion have posted videos of the flood that has affected areas severely. Not only the flood and storm, along with heavy snow and tornadoes have also left the US in despair.

Situation in Cities 

Phil Murphy, New Jersey Governor, declared a state of emergency on Tuesday due to the heavy storm hitting the area. Riverside communities were flooded according to CBS News New York’s report. Photos and videos of the flooding were posted on social media by police and the public. 

New York had to evacuate nearly 2000 migrants to Brooklyn High School which caused unrest among the citizens of New York.

In Maryland, nearly 10 people trapped in vehicles had to be rescued from the flood in Prince George’s County. The city faced chaos as many trees were knocked down with power lines causing power shortages throughout the city. The flood was not alone in creating havoc as some areas in the northeast were covered in more than a foot of snow.

Even the nation’s capital, Washington DC was also severely affected by the storm on Tuesday night due to which Vice President Kamala Harris’ plane was forced to divert from Andrews to Dulles International Airport.

Loss of Life in the Calamity

In Alabama, 81-year-old Charlotte Paschal was killed due to a tornado that had hit the Cottonwood area.

A man died in Clayton County during heavy rainfall as a tree fell on his car, reported by the police. Whereas in North Carolina, one died with two in critical condition after a tornado hit the town of Claremont. The flood and tornadoes also affected the education of more than 80 public schools in Georgia as some were forced to take online classes.

Infrastructural Damage

In South Carolina, several old brick storefronts were destroyed which blocked intersections in the area along with many bricks blocking main road U.S. 301. More than 40 homes and businesses were destroyed due to the tornado. The Panama City Beach showed roofs being shattered along with furniture and fences being blown away.

A snowstorm that began on Monday in the Midwest covered the whole area, with people stuck on highways, whereas Madison, Wisconsin was under a winter storm warning on Wednesday.

According to the forecast, areas with heavy snowfall like the Midwest and the Great Plains would encounter a drop in temperature reaching down to minus 20, lower than the current temperatures in Chicago, Kansas City.

Efforts by the Authorities

To safeguard the people, the National Weather Service office in Tallahassee sent three tornado survey teams on Wednesday to examine the affected areas in Walton and parts of Florida along with two more on Thursday for Alabama, and Georgia.

Areas in Florida were kept under flood watch with continuous communication of warnings amidst the predicted overflow of riverbanks. 49 countries in North Florida were included under a state emergency.

The natural calamities that have gripped the US are causing havoc in major parts adding a strain to the finances of the country already dealing with a financial deficit.


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