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Man demands Walmart pay him $100M or give him free shopping for life

Texan Takes On Walmart: Lawsuit Demands $100 Million or a Lifetime of Limitless Shopping

A major lawsuit against Walmart was recently filed by a guy in Texas who demanded that the retail giant either pay $100 million or grant him “a long period of free limitless shopping.

Walmart Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Shoplifting Incident: Accusations Include Deceptive Motivation and Infringement of Social Liberties

Although the complaint doesn’t get into specifics about what transpired at Walmart, it does state that there was a “deceptive motivation of shoplifting” and “the infringement of social liberties in view of race/variety” during an alleged incident that occurred in Walk 2021 at a store in Omaha, Nebraska.

Complaint Filings Hint at High Stakes: Plaintiff Seeks Lifetime of “Free Looking” or Significant Financial Compensation from Retail Giant

It is acknowledged that the person who has recorded the complaints would gladly receive “free looking forever” or a big financial reward from the important retail outlet.

Walmart Responds to Discrimination Accusations: Promises Investigation While Introducing Controversial Changes to Self-Checkout; Nationwide Addition of Gourmet Restaurants Unveiled :

According to a Walmart representative, the business “does not tolerate discrimination of any kind” and that it will address the accusations. With a new experiment already started, Walmart modifies its self-checkout technology in a contentious way. Delicious restaurants are being added to Walmart locations nationwide.

Walmart Responds to Lawsuit: Vows to Defend Against Mr. Jackson’s Claims Once Officially Served

The organisation stated, “We are aware of Mr. Jackson’s grievance and intend to defend the organisation against the claims whenever we have been served.”

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