Most Dangerous Places to Travel as a Woman. Get More Updates for Safe Travel

most dangerous places to travel as a woman

According to the Travel Industry Association, around 32 million American women travel solo annually. Safety is paramount when traveling alone or with a group. Unfortunately, many nations around the world are unsafe for female tourists. Some well-publicized events, such as the 26-year-old German backpacker who was brutally killed in Thailand or the two Scandinavian women beheaded in Morocco, have highlighted the hazards that women confront when going overseas to specific nations.

Most Dangerous Places to Travel as a Woman:

  • South Africa is the world’s most unsafe country for solitary female visitors. Only 25% of South African women reported feeling comfortable traveling alone at night, the country’s lowest rate. South Africa is known for sexual violence.
  • Brazil is ranked as the second most dangerous country for women. Only 28% of women said they felt comfortable going alone at night, and the government has the third-highest rate of deliberate homicide against women. 
  • Brazil also had the sixth-highest percentage of women who had suffered physical or sexual violence from their intimate partners, at 36.9%. Russia has the second-highest rate of deliberate homicide against women, which is primarily responsible for its third-place ranking on the list. Russia is also among the top ten countries with rules and policies that limit women’s participation in society and the economy.
  • Mexico is ranked fourth among the most dangerous countries for women, as well as fourth in the percentage of women who feel safe strolling at night and in intentional homicide against women. Only approximately 33% of women in Mexico said they felt safe walking alone at night.
  • Egypt is the eighth most unsafe country for women traveling. Egypt has the fourth-largest global gender gap and the seventh-highest gender inequality. Only 47% of women said they felt safe strolling alone at night.
  • Approximately 45% of Moroccan women have experienced physical or sexual assault from an intimate partner, the highest rate on the list. Approximately 32% of women feel that violence against women is justified in certain circumstances, ranking tenth among the countries surveyed. Additionally, Morocco ranks eighth for legislative discrimination against women.

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