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March 2024 Stimulus Check Update: Americans To Receive New Payments

March 2024 stimulus check update

Millions of Americans will receive new payments in the form of stimulus checks like the Golden State stimulus and Economic Impact Payments.

March 2024 stimulus check update
Millions of Americans can still claim their stimulus checks. (Photo: Getty)

Golden State Stimulus

Seniors in the country will receive an amount of $2,400 under the Biden Administration this March. Those who are eligible and want to track the new stimulus check can track their payments through the IRS portal. They only need to tap the “Get My Payment”.

In a published article in MARCA, the amount that seniors will receive is 6% higher in monetary benefits. The aid that will come from the government is based on the rise in inflation and the Consumer Price Index. It is advised that seniors should navigate the IRS website to track their payments.

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Economic Impact Payments

The Internal Revenue Service has not yet released any official statement about the 4th stimulus checks. However, there are around 600,000 Americans who have not yet claimed their $1,400 stimulus check and they can claim their money anytime they want.

This payment is under the American Rescue Plan of the Biden administration during the pandemic. There were three stimulus checks released, but it is still not clear if there will be 4th stimulus check.

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