Management’s Ideas Are Always Better – Tip #10

Many times, we managers think we have all the answers, that we know it all, and our way is the one correct way to do things. After all, we’re management, and our ideas are always better. But that’s not the case. The employees who do the job each day usually have a better understanding of what works and how to perform the task than the boss who sits in the office thinking up policies and procedures. Management’s Ideas Are Always Better.

If your employee(s) can come up with a better way to do things versus what you currently are doing, then it becomes management’s, and ownership’s, responsibility to take this into consideration.

Many times an employee has a better idea of how to do things. If management is NOT open to the viewpoint of their staff, it is difficult to get the best performance out of your employees and yes, the complaints will come.

How to Be a Better Manager

The Average Employee

The average employee needs just a few things to make them want to come to work each day and perform at their best.  They are: Top management skills.

  • Clean & safe working conditions
  • A sincere show of appreciation from management or ownership
  • An open forum for ideas to be expressed and considered
  • A decent pay wage based on work performed

Manager Performance

Remember: The performance of any manager is judged by the actions of others. Their salary, bonus, and promotion opportunities are weighed against how well their team hits service and financial benchmarks. But they will never hit those benchmarks or get the production desired if they don’t provide a positive work environment, a sounding board for employee ideas, and an opportunity for their advancement. Plus, their management style has a lot to do with the work environment and performance of the team. Maybe they should focus more on how to be a better and more effective manager instead.

Management ideas aren’t always better and great managers understand this. They are willing to take suggestions from their team and make them feel valued.

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