Big or Small Customers, Which is More Important?

We must nurture each customer as we do each flower in our garden.  Yes, there are the larger and more colorful flowers that immediately capture our attention but never underestimate the small delicate flowers (our smaller customers) that are sprinkled throughout the bed. They too may grow to be BIG and beautiful.

Recognize the Potential of Your Customers

Our task is to recognize the potential in each and never take for granted or assume, that the large customers will be with us forever. Competition is too grand, business models change and the economy forces those around us to modify our buying habits.

So too must our way of doing business change. A big customer may feel that with their size comes preference, or special treatment.  Do not provide it and they threaten to take their business elsewhere.  Take your small customers for granted and they too may leave to those happy to have their business.

The big customer(s) that garner all our attention shouldn’t always hold the lead seats at the table. Small customers, those who purchase sporadically but continue to do so over a long time frame, still long for a consistent avenue to purchase their goods.

Why should we forgo their opportunity for growth?

Put your trust in the potential of those who come to your business with open arms and a warm smile…plus cash in hand.

Who are we to categorize their potential and limit their effect on the success of our business. Not me!

I, and hopefully you, vow to treat each small delicate flower, the customer, as the potential star they are.

  • I will water them well (quality goods and services)
  • I will fertilize as needed (the occasional “wow” experience)
  • I will provide the life-giving sun (my honest and sincere attention).

That’s my job and I will not fail.

Then I will enjoy the show as I watch them bloom into the “financial boom” that holds their potential, and mine.

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