Landscaper Customer Service – Tip #23

Each Monday, the landscaping company comes to cut my lawn. They come with 3 men. Sometimes I’m home and get a chance to see them work but many times I’m not – but I do see their great results. I like to call it “landscaper customer service”.

Whether I’m home or not their service is the same. No branches are left in the flower beds or wet leaves kept hidden under the bushes. The debris isn’t blown into my neighbor’s yard nor are patches of grass torn up from their equipment. And they also clean off my deck. They don’t do a better job because “the owner” is home or a poor job because he’s not. They continue to uphold my expectations and quality.

How Can You Get Landscaper Customer Service?

Great Teams = Great Service

As a sign of a great team, they don’t need to speak with one another to get the job done. Each knows their responsibility and takes it upon themselves to complete each task as required. No time is wasted. Each team member has been trained to work individually but with one goal in mind; as a team, they provide great service, do it quickly, and most importantly, safely. They know what’s expected of them. What more can we ask of any team?

With this in mind, I started to think of the great teams I’ve been fortunate to supervise over the years. What characteristics did they have? What was their morale like? And how I can share these with others to help them identify their own great teammates.

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Here are a few questions to ponder about YOUR team…

  • Do your employees, or coworkers, uphold the same standards whether the boss is in or not?
  • Do your employees work as productively as possible or spend more time talking about their personal lives or taking unapproved breaks? (Remember: “time is money”)
  • Do your employees work as a team but still do so as if they are “held personally responsible” for its outcome?

It not, maybe you need to hire a few landscapers…they’ll get the job done – and with great results!

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