How Dunkin Donuts Made the Super Bowl Better – Tip #27

Earlier today I got into a silly conversation with a friend about one of the biggest issues that we face today – Which donuts are better, those from Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?

Regardless of the answer, this question brought me back to one of the earliest posts that I wrote on my blog and I wanted to share it with you. Here goes…

After running chores early one Super Bowl Sunday, I reminded my wife that we needed to be home in time to watch the big game.  Yeah, yeah I know, she said.

How Dunkin Donuts Made the Super Bowl Better

On our way home we stopped by our local Dunkin Donuts store for a quick coffee and donut.  As I waited in the car and my wonderful wife went inside to get the items, I noticed a man and woman walking out to the car parked next to me.

The woman walked towards the driver’s side of the car while the man, carrying 2 dozen donuts, 3 chocolate milk containers, 2 smaller bags, and a box of munchkins, walked towards the passenger side.

He opened the door and carefully placed the big haul on the passenger seat. I watched as the woman smiled widely and bid him a warm thank you.

The man said, “you’re welcome, enjoy the game” then walked back into the store.

I was thinking that he forgot something inside until I noticed the brown Dunkin Donuts hat on his head.

As the woman put her car in gear and carefully drove away I could still see her smile as she kept one hand on the food so it wouldn’t fall. No doubt she was headed back home to pass this food to her family or friends eagerly awaiting the big game.

Isn’t it amazing that something as small as a thoughtful employee assisting his customer to her car, can bring such a big smile to this woman on this special day?

Dunkin Donuts and the Customer Experience

It doesn’t matter which brand is better or which donut is better. What does matter is what you do for your customer and how you make them feel. As a business owner or service employee, how do you answer these questions?

  • Who have you helped today?
  • What steps have you taken, no matter how small, to assist one of your customers?
  • Have you put your customer’s needs first?
  • Do you think it matters to them?

I bet it mattered to that Dunkin Donuts customer.

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