Steve DiGioia

32 Ways To See If You Can…

  1. If you can smile for every customer even though you recently faced your own personal tragedy,
  2. If you can keep your promise to a customer even if it costs you more money,
  3. If you can be accountable to follow through on a customer’s difficult request even though it takes you away from other responsibilities,
  4. If you can overlook the sometimes rude comments made by a customer who believes they’ve been wronged and still treat them with respect and kindness,
  5. If you can hold your tongue and allow an upset customer to vent their frustrations,
  6. If you can anticipate the needs of your customer and be prepared for their questions,
  7. If you can give your customer the benefit of the doubt while coworkers complain about them,
  8. If you can “put yourself in your customer’s shoes” and be empathetic when needed,
  9. If you can continuously improve yourself by being a lifelong student and learning more about your industry,
  10. If you can share your knowledge with others and mentor a coworker,
  11. If you can involve the customer’s children in the transaction and help them feel part of the process,
  12. If you can admit you’re wrong to a customer,
  13. If you can agree that a shared hope for finding ways to improve the customer experience is always possible,
  14. If you can explain your processes to 100 customers a day and still make it sound personal and sincere,
  15. If you can live in the moment and not dwell on past misfortune,
  16. If you can be willing to have others critique your work so you can find areas of improvement,
  17. If you can find ways to do the unexpected for a customer,
  18. If you can understand the importance of writing thank-you notes to your customers and finding other ways to show your appreciation for their business,
  19. If you can keep a conversational tone no matter how busy you are,
  20. If you can prepare for the unexpected even though it seldom happens,
  21. If you can stay a few minutes later to research why that nagging problem still exists, even though all your coworkers have already left,
  22. If you can adapt your mindset from “selling” to a customer to “assisting” a customer,
  23. If you can quickly move from one task to another while maintaining your focus,
  24. If you can put your customer’s needs before your own,
  25. If you can put people above profits,
  26. If you can keep calm while others lose their cool when challenges arise,
  27. If you can commit to always having your customer’s work ready earlier than expected,
  28. If you can repeatedly perform mundane tasks while maintaining a positive attitude,
  29. If you can support another coworker while they serve a difficult customer,
  30. If you can explain complex procedures clearly and with patience so your customer gains confidence in their use of your product or service,
  31. If you can serve each customer without showing preference or favoritism,
  32. If you can make a dedicated effort to learn each customer’s name and preferences,

…then I welcome you into the most important group of professionals to be found anywhere – those who serve the needs of others and strive to provide the best possible service and experience to our customers. Welcome to the team!

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